12 Irrigation Projects & Dams On Godavari River

 Irrigation Projects & Dams On Godavari River

Godavari River is a 2nd Largest river in India after the Ganga River meet at a point of Triambakeshwar located in Maharashtra State. Godavari River also has another name “Dakshina Ganga” One of the Longest river in the Indian Sub-Continent. Before going to Bay of Bengal in Konaseema region, the river divides 2 branches again split into 2 branches.

The Telangana Government started Mission kakatiya Scheme to restore water through the lakes and Irrigation tanks. The Government also launched another scheme Mission Bhagiratha the aim of this scheme to supply clean drinking water to the Telangana peoples.

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Gangapur Dam (Nasik)

Gangapur Dam in Nashik is holy city located at Maharashtra State Gangapur Dam located at the bank of Godavari river it always filled with full of Water. The reservoir called as Gangapur Bandh Sagar.

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Jayakwadi Dam (Maharashtra)

Jayakwadi-Dam one of the longest Irrigation scheme in Maharashtra State. Jayakwadi dam has a  bird sanctuary & garden. The Jayakwadi bird Sanctuary & Dnyaneshwar Udyan are a famous attraction of Maharashtra State.

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Babli Barrage

Babhali dam project also called as Babli barrage around Godavari River in Maharashtra State situated in Dharmabad Taluk village Nanded district. Babli project became controversial between Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra State. This issue take-up by the Supreme Court.

yellampalli project

Dowleswaram Barrage

Dowleswaram Dam Constructed for Irrigation one of the major project nearer to the Godavari-River. This water can use by the Rajahmundry Municipality.The river water flows into the Bay of Bengal.

Dummugudem Barrage

Dummugudem Barrage in Dummugudem village, Bhadradri district located in Telangana State.TheDummugudem project used to supply water through the life Irrigation project. They are designed to supply water to Khammam district for Irrigation in Telangana State.

Vishnupuri Barrage

Vishnupuri Barrage one of the major lift irrigation projects in Maharashtra State located at Dharmabad Tulak village in Nanded district.


Sriram Sagar Project

Sriram Sagar Project famous exclusive overflow flow water project around Godavari River in Telangana. This project one of the part of Godavari River sinks irrigation projects and Godavari basin is the largest among the river basins in Country.

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Polavaram Project (Andhra Pradesh)

Polavaram Project is major irrigation project around Godavari river in Andhra Pradesh State. This is one of the longest multi-use Irrigation schemes in India. The Plavaram Dam located near the Eastern Ghats mainly use for lift water flow and transfer to the Polavaram main Channel.

Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project

Kaleshwaram project is one of the water life Irrigation Scheme started by the Telangana Government in the Year of 2016 this project useful nearly 2.5 cores of people for Irrigation. This project tributary of Pranahita one of the famous irrigation project of Telangana State.


Devadula Lift Irrigation Project

Devadula lift irrigation project is 2nd largest Irrigation project in Asia. The project planned to lift-water from Godavari River to drought-prone Telangana state.

Icchampally Dam Project

Icchampally Project one of the vast water storage reservoirs in Country and Project site situated downstream of the point at the river of Indravati meets  Godavari river suitable to construct dam reasonably.

Sripada Yellampalli  Scheme

Sripada Yellampalli project is 4th major Scheme on the Godavari River in Telangana, situated in Village of Yellampelli. The project planned to generate electrical power, irrigation & also supply the drinking water.

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To Get more information visit:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Godavari_River_Basin_Irrigation_Projects

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