Taste the 20 Royal Dishes of Rajasthan

Rajasthani Food – राजस्थानी भोजन

Rajasthan State is also known for its Royal Dishes in India. Rajasthani food is especially vegetarian, and it has become famous all over the world because of its taste. Due to its geographical conditions, traditional Rajasthani food is the most common uses of gram flour, lentils, condiments, curd, dried spices, dried fruits, ghee, and milk. Dessert like gulab jamun recipe is also mostly liked here. Due to the immediate absence of green vegetables, their use of traditional Rajasthan food has been less. Rajasthani Thali mainly comprises of following dishes.Food items of rajasthan

1. Dal Bati Churma

Dal Bati Churma is a very special recipe of Rajasthan which is more famous in Jaipur and it made in many ways. It contains dal Bati and Churma, all these different things which made in different ways and served together. To make Dal, we use many pulses such as chana dal, tur dal, and moong dal. Then fry it with spices and make it spicy. It is the best Rajasthani Food.Dal Bati Churma

Serve this dal with Crispy Bati and fried Bati powder mixed with sugar and serve it as Churma with cashew nuts and almonds. These three have their own different tastes. In Rajasthani Dal Bati Churma, Dal is spicy; Bati is crispy and the Churma is sweet and very tasty.

2. Laal Maaslal maas

This is one of the Best Rajasthani Food named as, Laal Maas is very tasty mutton curry which is more famous in Udaipur. Those people who like very tasty food, they will love the Laal Maas curry very much. If you reduce the light chilies in the laal maas, then doing this will be dishonest with this dish as this mutton curry is made by adding a lot of red chilies. Laal maas is best served with Bajre ki roti and plain rice as well.

3. Mohan Maasrajasthani cuisine

Mohan Mass is delicious Rajasthani cuisine and delight for every non-veg lover. It is made by cooking the meat with moderate spices and milk which makes it soft and syrupy. Khus-khus is added to get the flavor in this thick gravy. Lemon and cardamom are added to bring out the lovely flavor of the cuisine.

4. Ker Sangrirajasthan famous food

A fun match of Bean and Berry which is special in Rajasthan. Ker Sangri is a traditional spicy curry made from Ker and Sangari. Easily cooked with common ingredients such as red chilies, carom seeds, and some spices. Ker Sangri is a very delicious veg, which will hold its taste long time in your mouth. Adding kish mish to this dish makes this dishes even more special because it promotes the taste of all the sharp spices and also provides sweetness in every mouth. It is best served with Bajre ki roti.

5. Gatte ki Khichdirajasthani dishes

Chana dal used in Rajasthan quantity in the quantity as it produced in the desert area. Besan made from chana dal used to make Chapatti, Gatta, kadi. On the special occasions of festivals, the Rajasthani food Gatte ki khichdi cooked in place of rice. Since there no vegetables available here a year long, Gatta flavors in this casserole, which often served with curry or plain curd.

6. Boondi Raitafood of rajasthan

A most celebrated Rajasthani cuisine by every North Indian Boondo Raita. The Rajasthani Food Boondo Raita is a harmony of the taste of spices in your food and heightens its flavor. The yummy combo of moderate and salty Boondi fused with sweet and musty yogurt is delicious.

7. Rajasthani Kadirajasthan food

Kadi is also famous from Maharashtra, Punjab, and Uttarakhand. The Rajasthani kadi is an aromatic and spicy one which will kick-start your taste buds. This is a light and healthful dish and an essential diet in Rajasthan and best served with rice.

8. Gatte ka Pulaorajasthani thali menu

Gatte ka Pulao is also famed as Ram Pulao.  This is a wealthy combo of freshly steamed rice and peppery Gatte. The moist blazing Gatte are first boiled and then soaked with spices to raise the flavor of the pulao.

9. Methi Bajra Poorifood rajasthan

Methi Bajra Poori is a piping warm Rajasthani snack popular among the health-conscious crowd. This Rajasthani Cuisine Prepared with a minimal quantity of oil, these mouth-watering steamy pooris taste toothsome with Aaloo raita and chutney.

10. Mawa Kachorirajasthani dish

Mawa kachori is a Rajasthani dessert. Rajasthan is already famous for its delicious food and its culture. Mawa’s Kachouri is the most famous of the city of Jodhpur in Rajasthan. This is very delicious. It made by filling Khova and dry fruits. It then deep-fried and then soaked in the sugar syrup.

11. Pyaaz Kachorifamous food of rajasthan

Although the production of this caddy is in Jodhpur, today it is famous all over Rajasthan. If seen, these curries filled with a mixture of onions made in very few homes. In many snacks shops in Rajasthan, hot onion kachoris or potato kachoris sold. Like other kachoris, they also served with sour and sweet tamarind sauce. In rainy days this enough for a breakfast for lunch

12. Shahi Gatterajasthani food items

Shahi Gatte served with gram flour, in which yogurt used very well. It also famed as Govind Gatte. The wealthy, fat gravy tastes amazing and can serve with any kind of chapatti and rice. It has one more name called Masala Gatte.

13. Kalmi Vadarajasthan varieties

this Rajasthani dish is a good dish to serve with tea in the cold days. Kalmi Vada looks stale, crisp and tastes delicious, so you will not satisfied with just one vada!

14. Dil Khushalrajasthan recipe

Rajasthan is famous for its appetizing sweets dishes. Dil Khushal is also famed as Mohanthaal or Besan ki Barfi. Mohanthaal has a good chewy structure and leaves a coarse flavor in your mouth.

15. Churma Ladoorajasthan food items

None of the Rajasthani banquets accomplished without Churma Ladoos. These Churma Ladoos served after dal Bati. These desi ghee Laddos are the mouth-watering sweets you could have in Rajasthan.

16. Badam ka Halwarajasthan halwa

Gentle Indian tradition, Badam ka Halwa is a never-ending part of any kind of festivals. Can eat it on normal days too! If seen, in the winter, our grandmother advised their children to eat this pudding every morning. This is a tasty treat, which nobody would like to leave! The special dishes of the cold winter days always filled with little calories, so you will not able to eat it more than a spoon at a time. Do not worry; you can make it by collecting it in your freezer and enjoying it every day. Halwa prepared with sugar, butter, dry fruits and suji.

17. Aam ki Launjiroyal rajasthan menu

Jiggery, raw mangoes made from spices, sweet Launji, give unlimited taste to your food. Aam ki Launji is a heat beater. It is a sweet and sour combo. Mango lumps added to heighten the flavor.

18. Gujiarajasthani gujia

This is a traditional sweet of Rajasthan, in which the outer layer made from Maida flour and the stuffing is a mixture of sugar, Khova, and dry fruits. It usually served during Holi.

19. Ghevarrajasthan menu items

Ghevar is very popular sweet in Rajasthan and it made very well in festivals. It made with Flour, ghee, paneer, and Syrup of sugar. It has many varieties like Mava Ghevar, malai Ghevar, and plain Ghevar. None of the Rajasthani ceremonies accomplished without Ghevar.

20. BalushahiBalushahi

Balushahi is a sweet dish – it is so famous that you will get its taste in every corner of India. It is rigid from the outside and  very soft from the inside. Generally, Balushahi melts in your mouth. People often make it during festivals.

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