The 8 Most Popular Saraswati Temples in India

Most Popular Saraswati Temples in India

The Saraswati Devi is the Hindu goddess also called Tridevi of Saraswati – Lakshmi & Parvati. Saraswati Devi is a goddess of learning, music, knowledge, and wisdom. Saraswati Devi represents as a beautiful woman with Veena  & Peacock. Here you can get information about Saraswati Temples in India.

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saraswati temple

There are very few temples of goddess Saraswati in India. But the most famous 2 Saraswati temples are one is in Basara Saraswati Devi temple is located in Telangana State the 2nd temple in Jammu & Kashmir State.

Gnana Saraswati temple

Gnana Saraswati temple is one of the famous temples in Telangana.Nirmal District located in Telangana State. Many people’s visit temple from different states. The temple is located on the bank of Godavari River. Saraswati Temples in India

Saraswathi Devi Sakthipeeth (Jammu and  Kashmir)

Saraswathi Devi Sakthipeeth in Srinagar located in Jammu & Kashmir State. The deserted temple is known as “Sharada Peeth temple”. we have total 18 Maha-Shakti Peetha this is one of the Shakipeetha temples in India. The temple is an isolated from a village of Sharda in Neelam Valley at distances of 42-moles Baramulla city.saraswati,basara temple

Shringeri Sharadamba Temple ( Karnataka State )

Shringeri Sharadamba temple in Sringeri town located in Karnataka State devoted to goddess Saraswati on the banks of the Tunga-river. This temple was adopted by the Sharadamba temple Constructed by Adi-Shankara.

saraswathi devi

Panachikkadu Temple(Kerala State )

Panachikkadu temple also called as Dakshana Mookambika temples are in Sothern region of India. The temple in Kottayam district located in Kerala State. Panachikkadu temple most famous Saraswati temples India.

panachikkadu temple

Dakshina Mookambika( Kerala)

Dakshina Mookambika temple situated  in North Paravur town  located in Ernakulam district of Kerala State.Dakshine Mookambika temple famous Saraswati temple in Kerala state.

gnana saraswati temple basara

Koothanur Saraswati Temple (Tamil Nadu)

Saraswathi Temple at Koothanur village, Tiruvarur district devoted to goddess  Maha Saraswathi Devi located in Tamil Nadu State. The temple close to Kumbakonam village in Koothannr.

koothanur saraswathi temple

Sri Vidya Saraswati Temple in Telangana

Sri Vidya Saraswati temple situated in Telangana State located in Warangal district  One of the most famous Saraswathi temples in Warangal.

Sri Vidya Saraswati Temple

Kaleswaram Maha Saraswathi (Telangana State)

Sri Maha Saraswathi temple One of the famous temple in Bhoopalpally district located in Telangana state. Kaleshwaram popularly called as South-Indian Kashi. Sri Kaleshwaram Mukteswara Swamy Temple also one of the  Jyothi lingam temple over 12 Jyothi lingam near to the Maha-Saraswathi temple.

saraswati devi