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Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, VSSC – विक्रम साराभाई अंतरिक्ष केंद्र, वीएसएससी

The Vikram Sarabhai Space Research Centre is one of the most significant space research centers of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization), India. The abbreviated form of Vikram Sarabhai Space Research Centre is VSSC. It works under the Department of Space (DoS) which is located in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala State, the capital city of Kerala and it focuses on space vehicles and rockets for the satellite programmes of India.vikram sarabhai space centre

History of the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre

The government of India founded the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre in the year 1962. At that time, its name was Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station or TERLS. On 21st November, in 1963, India ventured into space for the first time. TERLS launched the Nike Apache sounding rocket.

It came into existence in the United States of America. It has acquired its present name from Dr. Sarabhai. People know this man as the founding father of the Space Program of India. The change of name took place after the unexpected death of Dr. Vikram Sarabhai on 1971’s 30th December.

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Since then, VSSC Trivandrum has been pursuing research as well as development in several technology domains like avionics, aeronautics, control guidance, information technology, mechanical engineering, system reliability and also composites. The chief goal of VSSC is advance India’s growth of launch vehicle technology.pslv

In the 1980s, VSSC developed the Satellite Launch Vehicle Program, SLV-3. After that, it also participated in the launch of the Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle or ASLV. VSSC participated in the development of the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle or PSLV in the 1990s.

DoS Schemes, Programmes, and Missions

Sounding rockets that have flown from TERLS

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Some of the sounding rockets that have flown from the Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station were Arcas-11, Arcas-1, Centaure-1, Dual Hawk, Mk11, M-100, Judy Dart, Dragon-1, Menaka-1Mk 1, RH-560, RH-300, RH-125, Petrel, 11A, 11B, Nike Tomahawk, etc.

Major programs of the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre vssc careers

  • Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle or PSLV
  • Rohini Sounding Rockets
  • Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle or GSLV
  • Reusable Launch Vehicles
  • Space Capsule Recovery Experiment
  • Air Breathing Propulsion

VSSC Recruitmentvssc recruitment

The Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre is the lead center for launching the development of vehicles in ISRO. It providing excellent challenging opportunities for the technicians and engineers to develop the center. Start your VSSC Careers and learn new thing from here. Visit the official website of VSSC to know in detail about VSSC careers.

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