Must visit Temples in Rajasthan

Temples in Rajasthan – राजस्थान के मन्दिर

The tourists from all over the world are overwhelmed by the rich treasure of the cultural heritage of Rajasthan. Explore the mythological side of the majestic by visiting the following temples of Rajasthan, India. Temples in Rajasthan state is more famous, devotees love to visit the temples of India.

Here, you can find the Temples in Rajasthan state. Most of the temples are popular from all over the world. People come from foreign and visit these temples as well.

Shri Rani Sati Temple

Location: Jhunjhunutemple of rajasthan

  • This temple is 400 years old and is very grand and pious.
  • The artwork of this temple, awful paintings, puts 5 moons to this temple.
  • A special celebration organized in this temple on the occasion of Bhado Amavasya.
  • This temple made of Makrana’s marble and colorful paintings, which looks very grand.
  • It is the largest temple in India devoted to Shri Rani Sati and also one of the famous Temples in Rajasthan

Ambika Mata Temple

Location: Jagat, Udaipurtemples in rajasthan

  • This place is unique in archaeological point of view.
  • This temple is an example of unanimous worship of goddess Durga in a peace, Abhaya and Vara Pradha form.

Dev Somnath Temple

Location: Dev Village (24 km away from Dungarpur)dev somnath temple

  • This temple dedicated to Hindu Lord Shiva and it situated on the banks of Som River.
  • This temple made of white stone which provides an aura to the entire structure. Visitors can see many inscriptions on the walls of this temple.
  • Also known as Surpur Temple, Baneshwar temple, and Bhuvaneshwar Shiv Temple.

Ghushmeshwar Jyotirlinga Temple

Location: Shivar Village, (40km away Sawai Madhopur)grushmeshwar jyotirlinga temple

Karni Mata Temple

Location: Deshnoke (30 km Away from Bikaner)karni mata temple

  • This temple is also known as Chuhe wali Mata, Choose Wala Mandir, and Mushak Mandir because of Horde of Rats in the temple.
  • These rats live and fed in this temple which makes it’s famous.

Tanot Mata Temple

Location: 130km from Jaisalmertanot mata temple

  • This temple is about 1200 years old.
  • Although this temple has always been the center of faith, after the 1965 India-Pakistan war, this temple has been trained for its miracles abroad.
  • Tanot Mata is also known as Vishwa Mata and it is a form of Hinglaj Mata.

Bisaldev Temple

Location: Bisalpurbaisaldev temple

  • This Temple is situated near the river Banas and partly immersed in Bilaspur Dam reservoir.
  • This Temple is devoted to Lord Shiva.
  • It listed in the famous Temples in Rajasthan

Eklingji Temple

Location: Udaipur (24km away from the main city)

  • Eklingji Temple is one of the most famed and oldster religious centers of Udaipur. This temple is devoted to Hindu Lord Shiva, and it is believed that Acharya Visvarsupa built it in 734 AD.

eklinji temple

  • There are 108 temples in this temple complex spread over an area of about 2500 sq. Ft. The 50 feet high statue of a square black stone of Lord Shiva is the main feature of the temple.
  • Mahadev looks with four faces in the four directions of the statue of Lord Shiva or Lord Shiva. They represent Vishnu (north), Sun (East), Rudra (south), and Brahma (west).
  • A beautiful statue of Nandi Bull, Lord Shiva’s vehicle is stationed at the main entrance of the temple. In the temple, the devotee can see the picture of Lord Shiva with the family.

Jagdish Temple

Location: Udaipur Cityjagdidh temple

  • Jagadish Temple, formerly known as Jagannath Rai’s temple, is a major part of the City Palace in Udaipur.
  • The temple dedicated to Hindu God Vishnu and considered as the largest temple in the city. The temple, which represents the Indo-Aryan architectural style, built in 1651 by Maharana Jagat Singh of Udaipur.
  • The image of Vishnu, installed by the four hands of the temple, made of black stone. It has a three-story structure with impressively carved pillars, painted walls and decorated roof.
  • There are 50 pillars on the first and second floor. The height of the temple is 79 ft which can see with statues of musicians and dancers with elephants and riders.
  • The image of the eagle (half a man and half an eagle) protects the door of Lord Vishnu.
  • There four other religious places which situated in the proximity of the Jagdish temple, they dedicated to Sun God, Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti.

Galtaji Temple

Location: Jaipur Pink Citygaltaji temple

  • This temple founded by Dewan Rao in the reign of Sawai Kang Mansingh of 18th Century.
  • Surrounded by the hills of Aravali, this temple made of pink stones.
  • There two dunes in this temple premises. In the days of Sawan, the people of the surrounding district reach a large number of baths.
  • Apart from the Galta Ji Temple, there also Balaji and Sun Temple.
  • In many books, this temple has also called Monkey Temple. Because there large numbers of monkeys here.

Shrinathji Temple

Location: Nathdwarashrinathji temple

  • This is one of the most famous temples of Lord Krishna in the form of Shrinathji.
  • It is a crucial pilgrimage center for the Vaishnav crowd.

Birla Mandir

Location: Pink City Jaipurbirla mandir jaipur

  • It is situated at Moti Dungari Hill and also famed as Lakshmi Narayan temple.
  • It is one of the 18 Birla Mandirs located countrywide.

Brahma Temple

Location: Pushkarbrahma temple pushkar

  • Brahma Temple is located on the banks of Lake Pushkar. This is one of the few temples of India which dedicated to the God Brahma of Hindus.
  • According to Hindu folk tales, Lord Brahma had pledged by worshiping Yajnya (worship of fire) in Pushkar. Although his wife Savitri did not exist with him to worship Yajnya in this specified time.
  • For this reason, he had to marry a local Gwalior Gayatri so that he could sit with him in the worship of Jijnya.
  • From this work of Lord Brahma, his first wife, Savitri, became very angry and he cursed Brahma Ji that now they cannot worship other than Pushkar.
  • This temple originally built in the 14th century.
  • The four-faced statue of Brahma Ji installed on the lotus with a majestic image in the temple, on the left side his young wife Gayatri and on the right is Savitri sitting.
  • This most visited Temples in Rajasthan state.

Govind Dev Ji Temple

Location: Jaipur Citygovind dev ji temple jaipur

  • Shri Govind Devaji Temple, Shri Govind Devji Temple is not an admirer of any introduction as it is one of the most famous and holy places.
  • Devotees from all over the world come here to see the magnificence of our grandeur and symbols of Hindu mythology.

Salasar Balaji Temple

Location: Salasar, Churu Districtsalasar balaji temple

  • This city has a special blessing of Lord Hanuman. Salasar Hanuman temple here attracts not only the devotees but also the tourists.
  • One of the main Shakti Peeths of Hanuman Ji is very much relieved of Devotees on Sri Salasar Dham.
  • Lord Hanuman Statue here appears with the Mustache and is famous for this.

Mehandipur Balaji Temple

Location: Dausamahendipur balaji temple

  • This temple devoted to Lord Hanuman and worshiped in the name of Balaji.
  • There is a tiny hole in the chest of Lord Hanuman Statue and a stream of water flows through it. This water collected in a tank and distributed to the devotees in the form of Prasad.

Ranakpur Jain Temple

Location: Ranakpurranakpur jain temple

  • In Rajasthan, surrounded by valleys of the Aravalli hills, surrounded by forests, there is the Chaturvedi Jain temple of Lord Rishabhdev in Ranakpur.
  • Due to the surroundings of the forests, the grandeur of this temple seen.
  • In India’s Jain temples, its building is probably the grandest and huge.
  • The Ranakpur Temple is 96 kilometers away from Udaipur.

Bullet Baba Temple – Om Banna

Location: Palibullet baba temple

  • This place, located near the main highway, has been very popular in recent days.
  • Around 20-25 roadside shops alongside forest seen in the furnishing offerings in the worship.
  • it also saw that a crowd surrounding a small platform with a large photo of Om Banna and a continuous burning flame.
  • Near the bottom of the terrace, a bullet motorcycle covered with offered flowers can see.

Jaleri Mata temple

Location: Kolar Village, Palijaleri mata temple

  • This majestic temple made entirely with white marble stone devoted to Goddess Chamundeshwari.
  • It located on the bank of a pond that is why the goddess worshiped in the name of Jaleri.
  • The statue of goddess Jaleri is in the resting posture.

Varahi Mata Temple

Location: Baghana village, Rajsamandhvarahi mata temple

  • This royal temple devoted to the Goddess Varahi Mata. This temple constructed totally with white marble stone.
  • It is located near the Rajasthan State Highway.
  • The statue of goddess Varahi is only one of its kind with two faces, one face is of human and other is swine.
  • Temples in Rajasthan, Varahi temple is more famous.

Baba Ramdev Mandir

Location: Ramdevra ( also known as Runecha)baba ramdev mandir

  • This temple devoted to Baba Ramdev believed incarnation of Lord Vishnu.
  • This temple is actually the samadhi of Ramdev Baba. There are Samadhis of Dalibai and other chief disciples.
  • The temple also has tombs of 5 Muslim Pirs.
  • There is a step-well near the temple whose water believed to have healing powers.
  • One of the Popular Temples in Rajasthan

Akshardham Temple

Location: Jaipurakshardham temple jaipur

  • Akshardham Temple, Jaipur is the main attraction for every visitor.
  • This temple situated in Vaishali Nagar, which known for its beautiful architecture, magnificent statues, idols, and carvings.
  • This temple dedicated to Lord Narayana of Hindus.
  • Most visited Temples in Rajasthan.

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