Visualization of Earth Observation Data and Archival System – VEDAS

Visualization of Earth Observation Data and Archival System, VEDAS – भू प्रेक्षण डेटा एवं अभिलेखागार प्रणाली का दृश्यीकरण, वेदास

SAC or Space Applications Centre carries out applications and research of optical as well as remote sensing data of microwave in different fields in India. It includes Photogrammetry, Marine Resources, Coastal, Agriculture, Environment, Forestry, Hydrological Studies, Infrastructure, Studies of Climate Change, Infrastructure related to Spatial Data, Disaster Management, Early Warning, Ocean Sciences, Atmospheric Sciences, Planetary Sciences, Cryosphere, etc. From here, you can get more about the VEDAS.Visualization of Earth observation Data and Archival System

They aim to meet all the needs of different user Ministries of India. The advancement of data products and EO systems are going to strengthen the inventory and management of natural resources. It’ll also help to mitigate natural disasters. Additionally, it informs the state about the environment and assists in climate change research.

VEDAS Developments

https://vedas.sac.gov.in accountable to depict verified information available at Space Applications Centre under the Governance of Department of Space. It gives access to the data that come from thematic spatial. SAC (ISRO) has collaborated with other agencies and generated inventories related to natural resource and land. Here you’ll get the concocted data of the Mars and the Moon.vedas sac

They aim to develop different advanced technologies and tools, including GIS or Geographical Information Systems. It also aimed to develop satellite remote sensing, precise Positioning Systems, networking infrastructure, Geoprocessing, database and also VEDAS. ISRO has developed an excellent android app, Solar Calculator.

DoS Schemes, Programmes, and Missions

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ISRO research on earth science has various societal benefits. They want to expand the investment of the nation for these benefits. On the other hand, VEDAS encourages and motivates talented analysts like researchers, academia, and students to utilize these data so that they can show their hidden spatiotemporal analytical talent.
VEDAS SAC also gives the training to achieve this goal. With the help of this training, researchers, academia, and students can understand the data and also the process of generating thematic layers.

VEDAS or Visualization of Earth Observation Data and Archival System provides an excellent platform for the utilization of all the information that is necessary to develop geospatial applications.

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