The 5 Affordable and Cheapest Cars in India

Cheapest Cars in India

They are many low budget cars available in India. Now a day’s Cars are the most trending in India. Every year the new model Cars are Launches in India. The Popular Car Companies are planning release car at an Affordable price in India. The Cheapest cars are the following are the Maruti Suzuki Alto 800- Hyundai Eon- TATA Nano- Renault Kwid- Datsun Redi-Go and some of them are the has High Premium Cars like a fortune. Get the list of Cheapest Car in India. In the List, you can also find the Made in India Cars which are most famous in the world.

The aim of car companies are the common man has to use the Car. Usually, the car has become medium transport in nowadays Here you can get information of Cars has with Stylish, good mileage design and also Cheapest Car in India.Cheapest Car in India

Maruti Suzuki Alto 800

Maruti Company is very famous in Cars. It provides service network through India. These Car has reasonable price and required low maintenance. This car is suitable for the all Indian roads and has an inheritance of above 15 years. Maruti Suzuki brand has Indian top-selling car above 12 years.

The engine of this car is capable of generating the highest power of 35.3 kW at 6200 speed. This car has stereo–rear door child lock-power windows and also airbag. It has a sitting capacity for 4 members having 5 doors. The Maruti Suzuki a fuel engine. We can buy this car at affordable prices at Rs-3.34 lakes.

Affordable and Cheapest Car in India

Hyundai Eon Car

The Hyundai Eon the famous South Korean car manufacture by the Hyundai. Hyundai is a reasonable price and also having services point through India. These cars well Suitable for the middle-class peoples.

The customers can enjoy long-term benefit by using this car. Hyundai Eon has a seating capacity of 5members. this Car has a displacement of 814cc and @5500 rpm with a central locking system. the Indian Price is Rs-4.40 lakhs.

low budget cars in india

TATA Nano Car

TATA Nano Car is an ideal example of the Cheapest Car in India prices with low maintenance. The Nano company is one of the company launches popular products. TATA Nano has the Seating capacity of 4 members it is available in all trendy colors.

Nano car gives a mileage of 25.3 km/ liter with an automatic version which gives 21.9 km/ liter. It has 624cc Engine capacity. this car has the latest features like Driver Info Display – Sunvisor-Electronic Trip Meter colored handles with new Infinity Motif Design Grille. The TATA Nano car price is Rs-2.8 lakhs.

low budget cars in india

Renault-Kwid Car

Renault Kwid  Kwid is one of the most good-looking has advanced feature rich cars in India. It comes with a crossover-like design with underbody shield and huge ground clearance. It has a destructive stance.

Kwid has super exciting features are the following touchscreen infotainment system with –USB and also Bluetooth compatibility-four speakers. We can satisfy with Renault KWID. It having a powerful engine of 799cc. The main latest feature of the car is media-nav system and also 7-inches touchscreen. The affordable prices are Rs-2.67 lakhs.most affordable cars in india

Datsun Redi-Go

Datsun Redi-Go it is one of the best car models with reasonable price. This car is manufactured with the bolder design. The car is a blend of good-looking having an engine of 800cc. The Price starts from at Rs- 2.37 lakh has 5 members sitting capacity with power is  53 bhp speed is @5678 rpm. These company launched the Redi-go at limited edition. Nowadays the car became important to everyone.

cheapest car

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