Celebration of Eid ul Fitr or Ramzan festival in India

 Ramzan festival (रमजान त्यौहार) 

Ramzan festivals are Famous Muslim Festival Celebrated in India. The Word Ramadan came from the Arabic language. In Ramzan days that means nearly 29 -30 days Islamic Muslim in fasting in this month the peoples do not eat any food items not drink during the day, at early morning and at evening time 6:00 pm they eat food and Fruits.

 Ramzan festival

In Ramzan days appearing of the new moon at end of the month of fasting. The next day, Celebrated as Ramzan Festival is also called as Eid ul Fitr. Muslims of India, as well as other Muslims in the world, celebrate Ramzon to their best. The Muslims believes the Quran was first publicized to Muhammad in the month of Ramadan. On the festival day, they invite their friends to there home and celebrates Ramzon with happily.


Ramzan before day peoples visits the Shopping malls, bazaar Women and also young girls shade their hands with usual temporary Henna design also called as Mehndi and wear colorful-bangles-New model clothes, gifts and also festival is the traditional way to celebrate Ramzan or Eid ul Fitr.

about ramzan festival

Eid ul Fitr festival days they eat best foods like mixed nuts and also snack, fruits like Watermelon, apples, grapes most of they prefer the dry fruits and also drink more water. At the time of Ramzan Sevali is a famous dish in the daily menu. Sweets are also one of the important food during Ramzon. They also prepare the Samya sweet with different dry fruits. This festival Celebrated more effectively in Delhi, Pakistan, Dubai, Islam state. In Dubai Country, they celebrate the Ramzon festival as Eid ul Fitr festival. They mostly prefer Biryani food items with Sweet like Samya called as Kher these is very famous sweet for Arabian Country like Saudi and Dubai.ramzan festival

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