Celebration of 72nd Independence Day in India

Independence Day in India

Every Year August 15th Celebrated as Independence Day in India. In 2018 we are Celebrating 72nd Independence Day in our Country. On 15th August 2018, for every five years, we are electing the Prime Ministers of India. This time Honorable PM Sri Narendra Modi executes Flag hoisting on Red Fort in Delhi. This festival government of India has declared has one of the National Holiday in India among 3 national holidays. Our National Symbols India is most famous throughout the World.independence day 2016 india

Importance of 15th August

At midnight 15th August in the Year 1947, India got Freedom from the British’s.so, This event was Celebrating by our great Freedom fighter Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru his a 1st Prime Minister in India. Nehru gave his Speech through the Radio ’Tryst with Destiny’ around the Indian Radios. In the year of 1929 the Indian National Congress party, Putna Swaraj declared  August 15th as Independence Day.

15 august independence day

That mysterious night all Indian Peoples are very happy to draw tears for years. until today, the Patriotic Songs in different languages of the following Famous Patriotic Songs in Hindi for Independence DayPatriotic Songs in Telugu etc that are televised throughout the Day. According to Indian Government rule, the Prime Minister should be done Flag hoisting on Red Fort. The Governors and Chief Ministers of India Celebrate 15th August their respective States they give value speech regarding the Independence & remembered our Great Freedom fighter in that Day. Every Indian should know history and Importance of Independence Day.

Famous Patriotic Songs in Hindi for Independence Day
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The celebration of Independence Day in Schools

independence day 2016 india

In Indian Schools, they celebrate the Independence day very effectively they conduct games before the day. Schools Principle as well as sirs give valuable inspiring Speeches regarding the Independence Day and also School management conducts Dance Programs, Speeches, Dramas and provides awards for winners. This Festival Celebrated throughout India.

Independence Day

Inspiring Quotes–Slogans by the Our Great Freedom-Fighters

  1. Vande Mataram wrote by Bankim–Chandra-Chattopadhyay.
  2. Jai Hindu gave by Netaji –Subhas Chandra Bose.
  3. Inquilab Zindabad this slogan coined-by-Muslim Leader Hasrat-Mohani & stands identical with Bhagat Singh.
  4. Jai-Jawan– Jai-Kisan–Long-Live-Youth– Long-Live-Farmer— these Slogans given by Lal- Bahadur-Shastri.
  5. Satyameva Jayathe–popularised given by Pandit Madan & Mohan Malaviya.

To Get more Information Visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Independence_Day_(India)

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