BESCOM – Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited

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How to Pay Electric Bills Online at BESCOM?

BESCOM stands for Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited. It is a company accountable for distributing power in as many as eight districts in the state of Karnataka. Its year of establishment is 2002, the same year in which the Karnataka State Government created the following MESCOM, GESCOM, and HESCOM. The area that BESCOM covers are 41,092 sq. Kilometers approximately, with a population of more than 207 lakhs. The number of operating zones of the BESCOM Bill company is 4. It also has 32 Divisions, 9 Circles, 510 Section Offices and 136 Sub-divisions. If you want to know more about BESCOM Online Payment, you have to visit

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Operating zones of BESCOM Bill

Let us have a look at the following four major operating zones of BESCOM:

  • Bangalore Metropolitan Area Zone in the North
  • Bangalore Metropolitan Area Zone in the South
  • Chitradurga Zone
  • Bangalore Rural Area Zone

The best part about BESCOM is BESCOM online services that intend in order to make the lives of people convenient and hassle-free. For example, the BESCOM online payment system makes payment of electricity bills a simple affair. The process is also easy so that all can take advantage of it.

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Pay your electricity bills online with BESCOM

Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited brings for the citizens a simple, secure and also convenient way of paying their electric bills with the help of the Internet. The facility is available for free of cost with zero registration charge and also no annual fee. Download BESCOM Mithra for paying your electric bills online. So, now you don’t have to stand in queue for hours to pay electric bills because you can do it within a few minutes via BESCOM login.

Automatic Payment of Electricity Bills

Follow these simple steps in order to pay the electricity bills at BESCOM:

  • Firstly, You can take help of this process if you lack daily access to the Internet or if you want to avoid logging in at the BESCOM portal for payment of electricity bill each time
  • For quick registration, keep the information mentioned below ready:
  1. The candidate’s BESCOM RR Number, Meter Reading Date, and Location Code
  2. Your account details of the bank from which you intend to pay your electric bills

Remember that this is only for the first-time users. From the next time, you do not need to enter all those details. You will automatically reach the home page of your bank.

  • Now you can easily pay the amount you need to pay.

So, BESCOM bill payment is straightforward and convenient.

Important Details of Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited

  • BESCOM Website:
  • Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited Head Office: Corporate Office, BESCOM K.R.Circle, Bangalore – 560 001
  • BESCOM Bill Payment CIN Code: U04010KA2002SGC030438
  • BESCOM Online Payment:
  • Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited Helpline Numbers: 9449844640, 1912
  • Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited Twitter:
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