Traffic signs and Traffic Rules in India

Traffic signs in India

Traffic signs are the unspoken speakers on Road. The Road signs are very important for nowadays because of the traffic more in India. Everyone must and should have known about the road signs as well as traffic signals. If you driving the two wheel are four wheeler etc. The traffic signal is managed or works under Ministry of Road Transport and Highways of India. We should follow the traffic symbols and also traffic rules anywhere in India. The following are road single or road symbols should follow are

Mandatory Signal board

Mandatory Signs are used to making sure free movement of traffic as well as to make the road user mindful of certain rules & regulations, limitations & prohibition. Infringement of these as per the India traffic rules.

Cautionary Signs on Roads

Cautionary Signs on Roads these signs make the road users awake of dangerous conditions on road earlier. The drivers should take essential actions to handle over the situation on the roads.traffic signals

Informatory Signs boards

Informatory Signs board to gives guidance for road users regarding the destination as well as distance—Shortcut routes & famous locations like food joints, public-toilets to know the information of the nearby hospitals in City.

traffic rules

Road Safety Education in Colleges & Schools

In Schools and also the Colleges should provide education about road safety as well as traffic rules lesson are regularly provided in schools and also colleges at public places moreover to get awareness we distribute the booklets and also pamphlets in Schools as well as in college provides presentation over traffic rules and safety precautions while driving vehicles.Road signs  Celebrating Road Safety

Every year, very popular metro cities of India celebrating road safety week to support road safety process.  A whole week RTO Department of various states create knowledge during area building procedure in schools on the roads, India Road safety week  Celebrated from January 11th to 17th January.

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