Article 12 of Indian Constitution

The Article 12 of Indian Constitution

The Indian Constitution is the living document and the Indian Supreme Law is making the system of government and the democracy work. The living document consists of the following directive principles, infrastructure, Government of India duties and power, fundamental rights, Indian Citizen Duties, political principles etc. Honorable B R Ambedkar is the architect of the Indian Constitution. On 26th Nov of 1949, it was adopted by the constituent assembly and the Constitution of India has come into existence in the year 26th Jan of 1950 and every year that day we celebrate as “Republic Day”. Know the Article 12 of Indian Constitution or Art 12 of Indian Constitution details of The Government Bodies comes under Article of Indian Constitution etc

Indian Republic day
Indian Republic day

Art 12 of Indian Constitution

Art 12 of Indian Constitution says that the worm “State” denotes the State Government and Union Government, the legislatures of the state, other officials within the Indian Territory and the parliament come under the administration of the Government of India.

Art 12 of Indian Constitution

The Government Bodies comes under Article of Indian Constitution

The following are the Government Bodies that comes under the Article of Indian Constitution:

  • Firstly, the Income Tax Department is coming under Article of Indian Constitution
  • ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation) and LIC (Life Insurance Company) which functions similar to the sovereign and governmental
  • Any organizations which perform the functions of the sovereign has come under Article of Indian Constitution
  • In part 12 of Indian Constitution, there is no specific mention of Judiciary. The judiciary has the authority of making and enforcing the laws then it was considered to be a State.
  • The Governors of the States of India and the President of India with executive powers
  • The Government of India controlled institutions like International Institution for Population Sciences
  • Panchayats, same local authorities, municipalities with the power in order to make and enforce the regulations, laws, and rules
  • The financing of government has also considered as the organization status with the functions of the sovereign.
  • Statutory Bodies of the following IDBI and Electric Boards and Non-Statutory Bodies.