Araku Valley Borra Caves – India’s Largest Caves

borra caves

The Borra Caves – బోరా గుహలు

The Borra caves, also known as Borra Guhalu in Telugu, are located in the eastern part of India and is also the part of Anantagiri hills. The caves considered to one of largest caves in India and at an altitude of 2,313ft above sea level. Borra caves are located in Andhra Pradesh, 468 km from the Amaravati, The Capital City of AP and 90 km from Visakhapatnam and 30 km from the Araku valley and spread to about two km area.borra caves timings

Caves are a magnificent example of beautiful speleothems (usually mineral deposits in the form of a second layer on the inside of a limestone), which are both large and small. The caves have beautifully-shaped stalagmites as well as stalactites. Borra caves of Araku valley are of caustic limestone, which goes up to 80 meters deep and thus makes the borra the deepest cave in the country. According to GSI, William King George, who came accidentally to this, caves in 1807, and has since then it became a popular tourist attraction of the Araku valley.

Borra Caves Interiorsborra guhalu

There is a Shivling located in the depths of the cave. These caves are said to be the shape of a cow’s udder. The water flowing through the ceiling in the cave drips in slow motion. Many substances remain dissolved in this water. Due to higher heat and evaporation, the water starts drying up and the material on the roof of the cave begins to accumulate. The shape of this deposit is like a few pillars that grow toward the floor below the ceiling.bora caves

Caves are quite grand from inside. Walking inside them is an exciting experience. There is a different world inside. The flow of water in the caves has constructed such artifacts within the ground. They seem to have made from the hard work of centuries of a high-class craftsman. In one place, natural Shivaling has become such a height in rocks that it has given the form of a temple by placing iron stairs on it. At a place there is a crack splitting the ground then there rocks like big pillars are visible.

Gostani Riverborra caves images

Borra caves are the origin of the Gostani River. Research of geologists states that these stalactite and stalagmite caves of limestone are the result of the flow of the Gostani River. There is a belief that some time ago, the river passed through the caves. Stalactite and stalagmite are processes by which a mineral water limestone over time and these caves became with naturally accumulated water. The flow of river water dissolved.

Borra Caves Travel Infoaraku valley borra caves

To visit Borra Guhalu, Visakhapatnam has bus and train facilities. Can also reach by special vehicles to Borra caves. Traveling from Visakhapatnam to Borra Guhalu is a wonderful experience. The train travels through about 40 caves. Some of these are about one kilometer long. These caves passing through beautiful valleys, green mountains, the ferry ride is near the waterfalls makes the journey awful. The journey through the bus and the aviation is also a beautiful experience.

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