The Popular Forts of Rajasthan

Royal Forts of Rajasthan

The colorful Rajasthan has always been a major center of tourist attractions in India due to its unsurpassed beauty of forts and palaces symbolized by Rajwadi Shan. Every Fort has some story. The tourists who come to Rajasthan see the greatness of these forts. Get the Forts of Rajasthan from the below list.rajasthan state forts

Rajasthan is rich in its architecture and here there are many Forts, Durg, Mahala Deval, and umbrellas, which show that the rulers of Rajasthan were very interested in architecture. The Rajasthani Food is also famous for 20+ special dishes of Rajasthan where you can get them in popular Districts of Rajasthan.

Sonar Fort / Jaisalmer Fort

The Sonar Quila of Jaisalmer is unique for its beauty. Because of its magnificent architecture, UNESCO has included Jaisalmer Fort in the World Heritage List. This fort is 460 meters long and 230 meters wide. This fort built of yellow stones has four entrances. Built-in 1155 by Raval Jaisal, it is the fort of Trikutaak.

The fort is a double square that is called Kamarkot. The special point of this famous fort of Rajasthan is that the stone is made to work in stone without laying stone on stone. This fort is the second living fort in Rajasthan after Chittorgarh fort. Here is the largest collection of handwritten texts of the fort, Jibhadasuri Granth reservoir. This is one of the famous forts of Rajasthan state.famous forts in rajasthan

Distance from Railway Station: 2 Kms.
Distance from Airport: 275 Kms.
Heritage Hotels Nearby: Hotel Lalgarh Fort & Palace, Garh Jaisal, Nachana Haveli, etc.
Visiting Time: 6 AM – 5 PM
Entrance fees: Rs 50 for Indians and Rs 250 for Foreigners

Chittorgarh Fort

In the form of the glory of Mewar, the Chittorgarh Fort won by Bapa Raval in 734 AD by the Maurya ruler Kanamori. Was there. One of the biggest fortresses of India, this fort invaded three times by the Muslim rulers, but always lost in their part. There are seven gates in the fort which are called pole in the local language. Their names are popular by name Pollan Pol, Bhairon Pol, Hanuman Pol, Ganesh Pol, Japa Pol, Laxman Pole and main door Ram Pole.

The fort is also called the pride of Rajasthan and the head of the famous forts of Rajasthan or fortresses. Its former name Chitrakot, built by Maurya Raja Chitangot near the confluence point of the Gunnhiri and Badch river. Rani Padmini, Rajmata Karmavati, Jauhar and Gora-Badal, Jaimal-Leaf sacrifices of many Veerangnas are associated with this fort.rajastan forts

Distance from Railway Station: 2 Kms.
Distance from Airport: 70 Kms.
Heritage Hotels Nearby: Devi Garh by Lebua, Bhainsrorgarh Fort Hotel, Sardargarh Heritage Hotel, etc.
Timings: 6 AM – 8 PM
Entrance fees: Rs 20 for adults and Rs 15 for children

Mehrangarh Fort

The Mehrangarh fort located in Jodhpur is also one of the famous forts of Rajasthan and India’s biggest forts. There are seven gates to enter the fort. There are many palaces which are built brilliantly. The gathering of the museum is palanquin, Hadadas, Shahi Cradle, miniature, musical instruments, costumes, and furniture. The old cannon has been conserved in the fort. This Fort of Mayurachi on the Chidiyatunk hill is also known as Moravjgad and Mayurdawajgarh. Built in 1459, this fort is the center of attraction of the mosque of Sher Shah, Raja Mansingh Puskalaya, Sugar Chowki, a fine gold-colored motif and decorated with murals.rajasthani forts

Distance from Railway Station: 2.5 Kms.
Distance from Airport: 6.2 Kms.
Heritage Hotels Nearby: Chandelao Garh, Hotel Madho Vilas Jodhpur, Ajit Bhawan, etc.
Timings: 9 AM – 5 PM
Entrance fees: Rs 60 per person for Indians and Rs 600 for foreign tourists

Amer Fort

This fort is Located on the Aravali Mountain in Jaipur, the pride of the capital of the Amer Fort region. Built in marble and red sandstone, it hosts lavish palaces, halls, and temples and breathes in the air of the calm hill smoothly. Shilamata’s temple built in the fort is well-known. The elephant ride here is also a tourist attraction. King Man Singh, I created it in 1592. Here you will find the coordinated form of Hindu-Muslim style. Shish Mahal, Sukh Mandir, Jagat Shiromani Temple, Martha Reservoir, Dilaram Ka Bagh and Kesar Kari are the places to visit in Amber Fort. Aurangzeb named Aamer named Mominabad. It also named as one of Famous Forts of Rajasthan.forts of rajasthan

Visiting Timings: 10 AM – 5 PM
Entrance fees:100 Rs for Indians and Rs  550 for foreign tourists

Kumbhalgarh Fort

The list of forts in Rajasthan is incomplete without mentioning the Kumbhalgarh Fort of Rajsamand district near Udaipur. The wall of the fort is the second largest wall (after the Great Wall of China). It is a World Heritage Site in the hill fortifications of Rajasthan. Lakhola Tank is the most remarkable tank inside the fort, which built by Rana Laxma. Kumbhalgarh fort is the birthplace of Maharana Pratap.

From 1448 to 1458 Maharana Kumbh built it under the supervision of Shilpi Mandan. Kumaraswamy Vishnu temple, Kumbh of Mahadev, Katargarh, and Hathiagudhas are the places to visit here. Abul Fazl has written for this fort that it has built on such a bulwark that the turban falls from the head after looking upwards from the bottom. Near to the fort also find City Palace Udaipur which attracts many tourists.forts in rajasthan

Distance from Railway Station: 36 Kms.
Distance from Airport: 66 Kms.
Heritage Hotels Nearby: Fateh Prakash Palace, Deogarh Mahal, Hotel Fateh Garh – A Heritage Renaissance Resort, etc.
Visiting time:10 AM – 5:30 PM
Entrance fees: Rs 200 for Foreigners and Rs 50 for Indians

Jaigarh Fort

Jaigarh Fort is on the hill of the Aravali ranges of Pink City Jaipur, Rajasthan’s Capital. Jai Singh had constructed this fort in 1726  for the safety of Amber Fort and the palace complex and its name was named after him. It reflects the rich culture of the city of Jaipur.rajasthan forts

Distance from Railway Station: 13.8 Kms.
Distance from Airport: 25 Kms. Approx.
Heritage Hotels Nearby: The Raj Palace Grand Heritage Hotel, ITC Rajputana, Jaipur, Nali Bagh Palace
Visiting Time: 9 AM -6:30 PM
Entrance fees: Rs 35 for Indians and Rs 85 for Foreign tourists

Nahargarh Fort

The Nahargarh Fort built by king Sawai Jai Singh of Jaipur The Pink City of India. The construction work of this fort completed in 1734. It is built in Aravali Mountain Ranges, where you can also find Mount Abu here. It is a beautiful Amalgamation of Indian and Europian Architecture. The view of the Jaipur city from the Fort is worth seeing. The city of Jaipur seems Fascinating and beautiful day and night. It is the one of popular Forts of Rajasthan.fort in Rajasthan

Distance from Railway Station: 19.5 Kms.
Distance from Airport: 29 Kms.
Heritage Hotels Nearby: Hotel Jaipur Heritage, The Raj Palace Grand Heritage Hotel, Mandawa Haveli Jaipur, etc.
Visiting Time: 10 AM -5:30 PM
Entrance Fees: Rs 50 for Indians and Rs 200 for Foreign tourists

Junagadh fort

Junagarh Fort is located in Bikaner city of Rajasthan State. Originally the name of the fort is Chintamani. It was built by Maharaja Roy Singh. Here along with the rich heritage of the king, there are many havelis and temples. In this Fort, you will find manuscripts written in Sanskrit and Persian too.famous fort in rajasthan

Distance from Railway Station: 2 Kms.
Distance from Airport: 251 Kms.
Heritage Hotels Nearby: Hotel Bhairon Vilas, Hotel Jaswant Bhawan, Maharaja Ganga Mahal, etc.
Visiting Time: 10 AM – 4:30 PM
Entrance Fees: Rs 50 For Indians and Rs 300 for Foreigners

Ranthambore Fort

Ranthambore Fort is famous for a wildlife sanctuary. It is in Sawai Madhopur city in Rajasthan. In the 10th century,  Nagil Jats built the Fort. It Built on two hills. Badal Mahal, Hammer’s court, Dhula Mahal, Ganesha temple, Jogi Mahal, Shiva Temple, Ramlalji Temple are Famous attractions of Ranthambore Fort. The roar of Bengal tigers can hear frequently.

Now it is a free sanctuary of animals which was before hunting grounds of the royal family. The Sanctuary located in Ranthambore National Park.rajasthan fort

Distance from Railway Station: 11 Kms.
Distance from Airport: 160 Kms.
Heritage Hotels Nearby: Nahargarh Ranthambhore, Ranthambore Forest Resort, Nahar Haveli, etc.
Visiting Time: 6 AM – 6 PM
Entrance Fees: Rs 15 for adults and Rs 10 for children

Taragarh Fort

In Rajasthan the Taragarh Fort in Bundi is outstanding. The Fort had Built-in 1354 A.D by Chauhan dynasty. The amazing views of a fort are pleasant. The fort’s gateway decorated with stone statues of elephants.

The 3 entries of the Fort are namely Lakshmi Pol, Gagudi ki Phatak, and Phuta Darwaza. Taragarh fort is a house of an outstanding network of tunnels. These used as saviors in times of need. The huge properly planned water reservoirs must visit. The Rani Mahal beautifully designed with murals, artwork and lattice artworks inspire. The Bhim Burj and Garbha Gunjan, the huge field cannons few of the popular attractions.rajasthan fort list

Distance from Railway Station: 34 Kms.
Distance from Airport: 240 Kms.
Heritage Hotels Nearby: Hotel Bundi Haveli, Pratapgarh Haveli, The Hadoti Palace, etc.
Visiting Time: 9 AM to 6:30 PM
Entrance Fees: No entry fee

Gagron Fort

Gagron Fort is one of the famous forts of Rajasthan and it is One of the UNESCO World Heritage site. The Fort is a beautiful site of archaeological significance. The Fort surrounded by water on all sides and it an essence of ‘Jai Durg’.  The fort had built for protection from armies. It built by King Bijaldev of the Parmara Empire. The beauty of the fort has washed out with time but its charm still lives.Rajasthan forts list

Distance from Railway Station: 25 km.
Distance from Airport: 240 Kms.
Heritage Hotels Nearby: Dwarika Hotel, RTDC Hotel Gavdi Talab, Hadoti Circuit. etc.
Visiting Time: 24 hours
Entrance fees: Rs 70 for foreigners and free for Indian tourists

Alwar Fort / Bala Kila

The fort of Alwar is one of the wonderful structures of Rajasthan. There is No real proof which can state that who built this impressive structure. The fort has owned by many rulers. Before the period of the Mughal Empire, the fort built. The wonderful Fort stretches from corner to corner of 5 kilometers at a height of 305 feet above the city.  It has 15 large and 51 small towers for observation.rajasthan fort name list

Distance from Railway Station: 11Kms.
Distance from Airport: 112 Kms.
Heritage Hotels Nearby: Hill Fort-Kesroli, The Dadhikar Fort, Neemrana Fort Palace, etc.
Visiting time: 10 AM – 4:30 PM
Entrance fees: No entry fees

Lohagarh Fort

Lohagarh means Iron Fort. In India, Lohargarh fort is the only fort which never hooked to the attacks of Mughals and British. The fort had founded by the Jat ruler Maharaja Suraj Mal in 1732. Fort built on calm surroundings on an island which manmade. In the Forts of Rajasthan, this fort can recognize the beautiful palaces of Kishori Mahal, Kothi Khas, and Mahal Khas.

The icons of defeat over Mughals are victory towers, Fateh Burj and Jawahar Burj tower. The gates of the Fort are Asthadhtau and Lohiya Gate. The fort has Museum has weaponry and armors, Arabic and Sanskrit manuscripts, paintings of the Jat rulers.Hill forts of rajasthan

Distance from Railway Station: 2 Kms.
Distance from Airport: 54 Kms.
Heritage Hotels Nearby: Mahal Khas Palace, Laxmi Niwas Palace, Chandra Mahal Haveli, etc.
Visiting time: 9 AM to 6 PM
Entrance fees: no entry fees

Churu Fort Mandawa

Churu Fort has Founded by Nawal Singh in the 18th century. It is a remarkable structure of heritage of Rajasthan and also one of the famous forts of Rajasthan. The exquisite artwork, architecture and the ambiance have healed beautifully. The charm has pleasantly treasured. The antique collections of weapons and the family portraits of the rulers will take back you in history.

The paintings of Lord Krishna and his cows are very beautiful.churu fort mandawa

Distance from Railway Station: 32 Kms.
Distance from Airport: 167 Kms.
Heritage Hotels Nearby: Mahansar Fort Heritage Hotel, THE Desert Resort, etc.
Visiting time: 10 AM – 6 PM
Entrance fees: Rs 35 and Rs 850 for a boat ride.

Neemrana fort-Best for a Pre-wedding shoot or romantic dinner

Bishangarh Fort -heritage with modern facilities now


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