Wagah Border – Flag Ceremony and Patriotism


Wagah Border

Wagah can also know as Wahga. It is a union council and village placed in Wahga Zone of the Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. The Wagah place is famous for the Wagah Border Ceremony and it serves as a goods transportation terminal and also a popular railway station between the India and Pakistan countries. It is located 600m west of the Border and lies on historical place Grand Trunk Road between the Lahore and Amritsar in India.wagha border

The Wagah border situated 24 km from the Lahore. The Punjab State city Amritsar to Wagah Border distance is 32 km. The town also 3 km distance to the bordering village Attari.

Wagah Flag Ceremonywagah border ceremony

India’s erection of a flagpole of 360 ft on their side of Attari Border. In the month August 2017 a flagpole of 400ft launched on the Wagah side. The Wagah flagpole considered as the tallest in South Asia. The Flag Pole Attari is the largest flagpole in India.

Wagah Border Ceremonywagha border timings

The Border crossing its draws from the village Wahga which is near to the Radcliffe Line. The LOC (Line of Control) refers Indian and Pakistan border military control. The separating boundary line dividing Pakistan and India upon Partition of British India drawn. At the moment of 1947 Independence, immigrants from India come to Pakistan via this Wagah border crossing. Railway Station Wagah located 400 m to the south and 100 m to the Border. This place knows for the elaborate of Wagah Border Parade Ceremony which happens at India Pakistan Border Gate. The Ceremony happens 2 hours before the sunset of each day.india pakistan wagah border

The Flag ceremony conducted by the Indian Border Security Force (BSF) and Pakistan Rangers which is similar to retreat ceremonies at Hussainiwala/Ganda Singh Wala border crossing and Sadqi/Mahavir border Crossing.

Watch the full video of Indian Pakistan Border Ceremony and Parade.

Video Source: timesofindia.indiatimes.com

Interesting Points about Wagah Border Ceremony

1. The Wagah Border Ceremony stadium is a limited seat availability. It allocated on the basis of First Come First Serve. The visitor needs to come at 2.30 PM in the winter season and at 3 PM in the summer season. The Border Gate open from the 10.00 AM to 4.00 PM. The Wagah Border Timings of the ceremony began at 5.15 PM in the summer season and at 4.15 PM in the Winter Season. The place is well known with the name Indian Pakistan Wagah Border.wagha border parade

2. Book the seats in Advance if possible at BSF Kent located in Khasa village. It is 1 km distance from the Attari village. Don’t forget to take the ID proof before going to Wagha Border Ceremony. It is also near to Wagah Border Amritsar place.

3. Try to reach the place as early as possible because the Wagah stadium is a limited seat availability, remaining visitors have to watch it in the stadium screen which is placed outside of the stadium.wagha border images

4. At Wagah, the mobile allowed to take videos, photos but you can’t make a call because the mobile network is jammed.

5. Wagah ceremony not collecting any amount to watch.

6. The people have to cautious because you can find some pickpockets persons.

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