Whatsapp New Features – Download chat history of blocked contacts

WhatsApp New Features

WhatsApp will now be able to allow users to Download chat history of those contacts and groups which have been blocked. Get more information about the Whatsapp New Features from here. The Whatsapp End to End Encryption is more secure. Whatsapp follows it for each and every message.WhatsApp

The Android 2.0 Beta version of Whatsapp, the Report feature has seen on 2.18.246. Will be rollout for all users soon. This is one of the Upcoming Whatsapp Feature and Resources.

the Whatsapp new features are being tested on blocking the Whatsapp app. This feature has been first seen on WABetaInfo. This is available on Android Beta version 2.18.246 of Whatsapp. This feature will work through the Report button. This will allow users to retrieve chat history of those contacts and groups which have been blocked by users. It will soon be rollout for all the users.Whatsapp New Features

Learn how to use this feature of WhatsApp

1. For this, you have to be a Whatsapp beta tester. For this, you have to sign up on your PC or smartphone WhatsApp beta tester to use these Whatsapp new features.
2. Report button has redesigned. Users will be able to use the new feature through this button.
3. This allows a single person or group to get reports, blocks and their chat history again.
4. To use this feature on a person’s chat, click on the triple dot menu. Now click on View Contact to scroll down. Here you will find the report option.whatsapp beta

5. Click on the triple dot menu for the groups. After that click View group info and select Report.
6. Users will get the option of the block a contact and delete chat history after clicking the Report button. Additionally, users will also be able to select the chat history of blocked contacts.
7. The reporting feature will use in similar ways in groups.
8. These Whatsapp new features currently only available in the Android beta version.


24th Oct -2018 : 

WhatsApp made 4 new features, audio messages to new interfaces

WhatsApp made 4 new features, audio messages to new interfaces
Under the new features, Whatsapp has made significant changes, including new interface for playback audio messages, Bubble menu

Whatsapp has continued to add new features to improve the experience of its users. Whatsapp has added some new features to its iOS platform. All these features will also support the iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. Let us know that under the new features, Whatsapp has made significant changes, including a new interface for playback audio messages, Bubble menu.

whatsapp new features


1. The first feature is related to the audio message. Under this feature, if the iOS user sends continuous audio messages to any other iOS users on Whatsapp, then the user will be able to listen to those audio messages without having to tap on the next message. Earlier, the user had to listen to it by tapping on each message.

2. Talk about the second feature, this is the Bubble Action menu. A new feature has also been edited in this menu. Under this new feature, the Bubbles menu pop up will appear slightly larger than before. Options like delete, reply, forward, star, a copy will be given in it. This menu has been re-designed.

3. Under the third feature, several new options added for the reply in the status. Earlier, the States can reply via text message, image, GIF image, and video. But new updates will also be responded to via voice message, location, document, and vCards. It will also be made available on the Android app soon.

4. Talking about the fourth feature, the video preview option has been given on WhatsApp App version 2.18.100 on WABetainfo. This option will be added to the notification panel. However, there is not much information about this feature. It will be rollout soon.

Nov-25 2018

Copying the Self-Delaying Feature from Snapchat to WhatsApp

Self-destruct messages were first seen in Snapchat. But now it is being offered in other social networking apps

Facebook-owned company Instagram has copied several features of Snapchat. Recently, Instagram’s monthly active users have increased and all this has happened due to the feature which was copied from Snapchat. Several features of Snapchat seen by Facebook-owned companies Instagram, Whatsapp, and Messenger. Let me tell you that self-destruct messages were first seen in Snapchat. But now it is offered in other social networking apps.

This feature of Snapshot will come in Whatsapp.

Snapchat’s features are being stacked once again. In fact, Facebook’s company, Whatsapp, is preparing to make self-destruct messaging features available on its platform. At present, the telegram is the only Instant Messaging App that offers self-destruct messaging features, Whatsapp is a very big user base, in this case, the company is fighting another app. At present, the company is giving the feature of revising the message to the users. After sending a message to someone, it can be deleted.

whatsapp new feature share chat self destruct feature

Learn About Self-Destruct Features:

Any message or image sent under this feature will automatically be deleted after a certain time. At present, the company is also working on Instagram’s name tag feature. It was first made available in Snapchat.

Other features will also be present:

Introduced the sticker feature to enhance the user experience. After this, the company has now introduced two new features. According to reports, Whatsapp has introduced Add Contact and QR Code features. Let us know that through the Add Contact feature, users will be able to add any new numbers while using Whatsapp. By doing so, the contact will move to the user’s contact list. Apart from this, any user will be able to share their numbers immediately with any QR Code feature.


Telegram App

telegram app

Earlier, just like the Whatsapp app, a new feature added to the telegram app. Through this feature, users will be able to keep their personal documents together in one place. A telegram has said that users here can upload their documents. They can use for any service. This will not require you to keep your original documents with you at all times. Let me tell you that the government had earlier launched the Diesel Locker app in which users can upload their personal documents.

To use Whatsapp new features by using Whatsapp Beta, visit: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.whatsapp

Whatsapp Website: https://www.whatsapp.com

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