History of Charminar, Hyderabad – Telangana State

History of Charminar

Charminar is one of the oldest construction in Hyderabad by the Nizams in the Telangana State of India. Mohammed Quli Qutb Shah who built in the year 1591 AD in Islamic tradition with a Height 48.7 m (160 ft). This construction is a miracle of Number of Means 4.charminar hyderabad

The wonder of ‘Char’ in Charminar

Charminar Hyderabad has an inseparable connection with ‘Char’, which has a four hundred years history. Know the Interesting Facts of Char-Minar from here. Everyone knows that Char Minar is named behind its four pillars but there is another hidden truth behind its construction i.e in all its construction we can see ”char” as the count. With the name, you can also find the Char-Minar Express which travel between Hyderabad & Chennai (Tamil Nadu). It is the most well-known train in South India.

The Wonder of an architect at Charminarcharminar images

Charminar has a distinction of being one of the world’s greatest architects. Charminar built to reflect ‘Four’ in every aspect is a living testimony to the art of architecture and art. It did not have a name due to only four minars. Many of the causes that led to the construction of the Archeology and Museum department research led to the light. Surprisingly, Charminar has another 20 reasons to name it.history of charminar

The 40 faces of the Charminar constructed to divide the four dimensions of the four. It is a miraculous architectural style. The four minarets are also 60 yards. These can also divide into four. This historic building is like a patrolling soldier in a four-story junction. It is one of the few historical monuments built in India. The total area of the construction of the Charminar is 840 square yards. There are four galleries in each minaret. The first two galleries have 20 rows. There are 12 archives in 3,4 galleries. Even if the total of these arcs combined, the 44 will divide into four.

Charminar Architecturecharminar architecture

There are also four in each measurement in Charminar. Four appearances in the architecture and the construction of the arches. The fourth floor of the second floor consists of four clocks on the four sides. There are 44 vacant spaces for the balcony sculptures in each Minar. In Char Minar, there are four vacant spaces on the front of the wide arches of this structure. There are a total of 32 such places. On the first floor, there is a water pool with 16 yards per square meter between the arches and the minarets. Between each minaret is 28 yards. The square space for a square space between the arches and the minarets is 12 yards.structure of charminar

On the four sides of it, 48 square yards were left for the construction of the arches. There are stairs in each minaret to move up the structure. There are four arches to reach that step and 140 steps in each minaret. Each Minar is a beautiful dome-shaped. Outside sides of the Char Minar Archs are 28 yards. The height of the minarets is 32 yards. On the second and second floors, 16 small and large arches are on either side. There are 16 arches on the third floor. Jolly built with beautiful work. There is a small mosque on this floor. Prayer to worship. The mosque has four minarets. These interesting facts hidden in the construction of the Char Minar. Now it does not matter how many fours added to it.

Structure of Charminarcharminar history

Char-Meenar is a structure consisting of four pillars. It is one of the oldest historical monuments in Hyderabad. It is in Old Basti, Hyderabad. Due to the popularity of this historical monument, Charminar knows for its surrounding area. It has a well-built Mecca Masjid in the northeast with the Lad-Bazaar and the western grenade.

A few days after his capital transferred from Golconda to present Hyderabad city, Mohammed Quli Qutb Shah remembered for the prevention of plague in 1591.

Pollution effect on Charminarabout charminar

Beautiful Charminar is losing its beauty due to smoke pollution. According to the ‘Charminar Pedestrianizone’ scheme announced in 1997, only pedestrians should walk only around three hundred meters around Char Minar. Thereby the pollution can reduce and there is an increase in greenery. Tourists can also enjoy the delight. The Department of Tourism has spent a whopping Rs 34 crore for this scheme. Currently, the GHMC funds which are doing these tasks have sought help from the Center. Officials said that the target would fulfill if another Rs 70 crore spent.

Hyderabad, also known as Charminar, also known for its Qutub Minar in Delhi. It is also among the settlements. Two decades ago the government developed a 30 acres space park. There no roads until the Falling distance. Around the empty space declared as a protected area, their trees that scattered on an ATM. More secure. It is 150 years older than Charminar but still remains intact.

You can see many Charminar images of different times how it looked from its construction time. This is all about it & its History.

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