Mandu Fort – India’s Ancient City Mandu

Mandu Fort – मंडु किला

The Vindhyachal ranges are located in the city of Madhya Pradesh. Due to the unique beauty of natural beauty, rich historical heritage, and architecture, it is called Paradise of Malwa. The Mandu Fort located in one of the MP Districts, Dhar District, Deepak Singh is the District Magistrate of Dhar, India.mandu fort

To enjoy natural scenes between the rain showers of rain, there must definitely be some areas in the country. Often people talk about the beauty of Kerala in the rain. There are lots of discussions about the Machinarium and Cherrapunji of Meghalaya and the Ziro Valley in Arunachal Pradesh, but there are many such areas that fall in different colors especially in the rain. The same area is Madhya Pradesh’s Mandu.mandu waterfalls

It is very different to see historic buildings here and to know their history among the hills of greenery in the hills. This is the reason that the number of indigenous and foreign tourists in the rainy days is greatly increased here. Mandu took much time to get recognition after independence. Before the arrival of Mandu, the means of commuting were very low, due to the area with densely forested people, people used to roam the bullock carts here. Gradually, the discussion of Manda’s old buildings-palaces spread far and wide and the rulers of Pandar Dynasty started settling the people here.

Mandu palaces – Historical Love Stories – मंडु महलjahaz mahal mandu

After independence, the Archaeological Survey of India has now taken charge of the maintenance of monuments and the facilities of living and eating have also been developed. The means of the movement have also become sufficient. Remembrance of monuments is also being taken care of. Central archaeological department has also renovated the dilapidated monuments. Security arrangements have also been made for the tourists, parks, drinking water, convenience houses inside the monuments.tourist at Mandu palace

Parmar goes to the kings for the establishment of Mandu with the window of history. Raja Harsh, Raja Munj, Raja Sindhu and the last king Bhoj were famous rulers of the Parmar dynasty, but their focus was more on Dhar Nagri than Mandu. Only 35 km from Dhar Mandu Is at a distance. Mandu Fort has mentioned in the records of Parmar kings as the Mandapada fort and the royal residence. Located at an altitude of about 630 meters (2000 feet), Mandu spread over 72 sq km in Vindhyachal mountain range.mandu madhya Pradesh

In the north, the plateau of Malwa used to provide natural protection to the fort of Narmada valley and Nomad Parmar in the south. An inscription of 612 Vikram Samvat tells that Mandu was prosperous and developed in the sixth century. It knows as Rishi Mandalachya or Mandvi. It believed that due to frequent attacks of neighboring states in the Middle Ages, traditional Parmar shifted from Rajdhani to Dhar, because the torch settled in the plains, whereas Mandu’s mountainous area completely safe.

Hill Station of Mandu – मंडु के हिल स्टेशन

The beautiful hill station of Madhya Pradesh, Panchami, is here to see waterfalls in addition to the mountains.mandu hill station

Parmar ruler used to keep the capital Dhar or Mandu according to the time and circumstances. Madhav, the city of ‘Anand’, from the end of 1300 AD till 1400 AD, Dilawar Khan Gori ruled Mandu. He changed the name of Mandu to Shadiyabad, which means the city of ‘Anand ka Nagri’.

Madhya Pradesh’s Asshirgarh fort is full of mysteries, cameras come to the group trip.

Highlighter of Mandu Fort

  • Every year there are 2 to 3 lakh tourists reaching this places to visit.
  • Such a temple that the police gives to the salute, there is no god in the city, Shri Ram.
  • Having a beautiful forest, the kings of Pandar Dynasty used it as a hunting ground.
  • The art, carvings and monuments of this city made in Pathan and Mughal style.

Kakda Kho and 12 Doors – काकाड़ा खोर और 12 दरवाजे

kakda kho

When entering Mandu, the first place is Kakda Koh, where there is a large crowd of tourists. The beautiful view of the surroundings and the Kakda Khoof the waterfalls very well received by the mouth of the deep ditch. Here are the picturesque instruments of Vindhyachal Mountains. There are 12 doors for entry into the Mandu while climbing towards the Vindhyachal Mountain covered with greenery from Malwa and Nimad plains. Among them is the main Delhi door.Vindhyachal Mountains

These doors were made to protect on sharp turns because when the invading forces tried to enter Mandu with these doors, their speed slowed. This gave the rulers time to fight them and they used to pressure the invaders. In the fortresses of India, doors, and perforations made in the form of security, in the same way, Mandu has also provided protection by making black piles of 20 to 30 feet height with black stones on the border with the trench. Alamgir Darwaza, Bhangi Darwaja, Kamani Door, Cart Darwaza, Tarapur Darwaja, Jahangir Darwaja etc. also made for entry into the pavement, whose remains still exist. However, all of them have broken.

Lee Inspiration for Taj Mahal – ताजमहल के लिए ली प्रेरणा

History scholars show that Hoshangshah of the Gori dynasty ruled in Mandu from 1400 E to 1440. He considered the special ruler of the Gori Dynasty. It said that Hoshangshah had poisoned his father with poison. When he took over the rule, he began to fear that even if he did not die like this, he had won his own tomb in Maku. Well, his real grave is in Hoshangabad near Bhopal, which known as Gori Shahwali. This mausoleum in Mandu Fort has such a marble in India.Hoshangshah

This mausoleum in Mandu is the first monument of marble in India, which also impressed by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. Later Shahjahan sent his architect Abdul Hamid to see Mandu’s tomb and later built a Taj Mahal in Agra in a similar design. The difference between the two buildings is that there is a small dome around the tomb roof of Hoshangshah, while there are minarets around the Taj.

The witness of the love of Rani Roopmati and Baz Bahadur – रानी रूपमती और बाज बहादुरbaz bahadur

In 1542 AD Sher Shah Suri entrusted Shujaat Khan as the Subedar to the responsibility of conquering Mandu. After the death of Shujaat Khan, his son Malik Baijid declared himself king of Mandu Fort. He later became known as Baj Bahadur. Mandu also knows as Sakabhanga Nagar of Amar Prem of Baz Bahadur and Rani Roopmati.rani roopmati

Baz Bahadur was fond of the hunt and was also knowledgeable of music. He considered accomplished in the Raga lamp. According to the historians, once the hawk had gone to the forest to hunt, where he had seen the money Baababahadur fascinated by his appearance and beauty. Rupmati living in Dharmapuri near Mandu and she also had a keen interest in music.baz bahadur roopmati

The music of both of them became transformed into love after watching love. When the then Mughal Emperor Akbar got the news that when Bazbahadur declared himself the ruler of Mandu and Mandu Fort, he sent his cousin Azam Khan to attack Malwa along with the army. In Saharanpur, there was a battle with Babbahadur. In it, Bazabahadur killed. After his death, Azam Khan wanted to marry Rani Roopmati, but Rustam gave a laugh and died. Roopamati had convinced that only after seeing the Narmada she would get food. When Bazbahadur brought the Rupmti to Mandu, it was because of his love that he constructed the Ruptiman pavilion. It is about 2100 ft from the surface of the sea, about 1100 ft from Nomad’s surface and 200 ft high above Vindhyachal mountain from Mandu ground.

The beginning of the Spotlight and Sound Show – कोटललाइट और साउंड शो की शुरुआत

Center of Arts and Culture is to develop on the lines of the Bharat Bhawan of Bhopal. It proposed to start the Light and Sound Show by Madhya Pradesh Tourism Corporation in the next two months. The basic amenities of tourists especially taken care of here.

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