Whatsapp Forward Messages Limit Restriction

Whatsapp Forward Messages Limit

This Whatsapp New feature will bring the Whatsapp app to India. The company is taking steps to stop the use of the app because of the trouble caused by the fake news and incidents. Get more information about the Whatsapp Forward Messages Limit from here.whatsapp new feature

Whatsapp rolled out the feature bounding to forward the message only for 5 times. Whatsapp officially disclosed that Indian users will no longer be able to forward the messages to more than 5 chats. In some countries globally, this limit is to forward 20 messages. In a statement, the company said, “Users in India will be able to see this limit from this week on the current version of Whatsapp. This feature has been brought to stop Fake News & incidents happening in India as per the Instructions passed by MeITY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology).

4 features of Whatsapp, which are designed to prevent the spread of the news:WhatsApp message limit

Since Fake News and hate messages have become a cause of trouble, since then there was a lot of pressure from the government to take some action on Whatsapp. In addition to setting the forward message limit, WhatsApp has introduced other features like Whatsapp forward Messages Limit to stop Fake News.

Forward Message Label:whatsapp forward message feature

This feature is live. Now, if anybody forwards the message then it labeled. This lets users know that the message forwarded. This makes it easy for the user to differentiate between the hand type messages and the forwarded messages. Whatsapp suggests that this may help to stop Fake News.

Text Admin on Group Admin: whatsapp daily forward message limit

Under this feature, the Group Administrator of Whatsapp has given special power. This can prevent the spread of Fake News in the group. Group admin can now stop typing or send a text to any user in the group.

Anti-spam rules:whatsapp message forwarding features

This feature currently worked on. Hopefully, this feature will also roll out soon. With this feature, WhatsApp users will alert. This alert will do when the received news is likely to come from a phake source. The Whatsapp will check how accurate the source of the shared URL is.

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