State wise Labour Department Portals in India

State Government Labour Departments

The Ministry of Labour and Employment is a ministry which is responsible to safeguard the workers in the society of India. The ministry aims to develop a good environment for higher production to develop & coordinate skill-based training & employment. Here, you can get the list of State Government Labour Departments in India. The Ministry inaugurated NCS (National Career Service) website to help the bridge between the Job Seekers and Job Providers.ministry of labour and employment

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1 Andhra Pradesh-Labour Department Andhra Pradesh-Labour Department
2 Arunachal Pradesh-Department of Labour and Employment Arunachal Pradesh-Department of Labour and Employment
3 Assam-Labour & Employment Department Assam-Labour & Employment Department
4 Bihar-Labour Department Bihar-Labour Department
5 Chattisgarh-Department of Labour Chattisgarh-Department of Labour
6 Goa-Department of Labour Goa-Department of Labour
7 Gujarat-Labour & Employment Department Gujarat-Labour & Employment Department
8 Haryana-Labour Department Haryana-Labour Department
9 Himachal Pradesh-Labour & Employment Department Himachal Pradesh-Labour & Employment Department
10 Jammu & Kashmir-Department of Labour and Employment Jammu & Kashmir-Department of Labour and Employment
11 Jharkhand-Labour and Employment Jharkhand-Labour and Employment
12 Karnataka-Department of Labour Karnataka-Department of Labour
13 Kerala-Labour Commissionerate Kerala-Labour Commissionerate
14 Madhya Pradesh-Labour Welfare Board Madhya Pradesh-Labour Welfare Board
15 Maharashtra-Department of Labour Maharashtra-Department of Labour
16 Manipur-Department of Labour Manipur-Department of Labour
17 Meghalaya-Department of Employment and Craftsmen Training Meghalaya-Department of Employment and Craftsmen Training
18 Mizoram-Labour,Employment & Industrial Training Department Mizoram-Labour,Employment & Industrial Training Department
19 Nagaland-Labour & Employment Department Nagaland-Labour & Employment Department
20 Orissa-Labour Directorate Orissa-Labour Directorate
21 Punjab-Labour & Employment Department Punjab-Labour & Employment Department
21 Rajasthan-Labour Department Rajasthan-Labour Department
22 Sikkim-Labour Department Sikkim-Labour Department
23 Tamil Nadu-Labour Department Tamil Nadu-Labour Department
24 Tripura-Directorate of Labour Tripura-Directorate of Labour
25 Uttarakand-Department of Labour Uttarakand-Department of Labour
26 Uttar Pradesh-Labour Department Uttar Pradesh-Labour Department
27 Uttar Pradesh-Labour Department West Bengal-Labour Welfare Board
28 Andaman & Nicobar Andaman & Nicobar
29 Chandigarh-Labour Department Chandigarh-Labour Deptartment
30 Dadar & Nagar Haveli-Labour Department Dadar & Nagar Haveli-Labour Department
31 Labour and Employment Office, Diu Labour and Employment Office, Diu
32 Labour Department-Delhi Labour Department-Delhi
33 Lakshadweep-Department Lakshadweep-Department Labour & Employment & Training
34 Pondicherry-Labour Departmen Pondicherry-Labour Department
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