Indian Patent for Drainage Gas – PM Modi also Praised

About Drainage Gas

The invention of Shyam Rao Shirke (Drainage Gas), who lives in Chhattisgarh State capital Raipur, has suddenly brought him into the discussion. On the occasion of Biofuel Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also gave an account of this person who made tea from the Drain gas in his address. After this example, many people did not agree with PM Modi.

Narendra Modi

Even Congress President Rahul Gandhi had tensed the story of Modi during a rally in Karnataka, but Shyam Rao has rejected his tan from the ear. He told that the scientists of the Science Center were examined for his invention and after that, they got the global patent of that project. This evidence is available with them.

Karnataka State Districts

Drain Gas collected

Shyam Rao told that in 2016 he collected water from the drain. Then to create the ‘mini conductor’ to collect the bubbles raised in it. He used a drum as a gas holder. Then the tea made by adding gas to the gas collected in the drum. After this, he used to cook the food in his house using this system.

Dr. Amit Dubey, a scientist from Science and Technology Information Center, Raipur, told that the equipment made by Shyam Rao Sirke was quite effective. In order to reach this level, our institute gave them financial support of Rs 40 thousand. After some time, when he told that the cleaning workers of the corporation through their equipment, then we had advised getting an FIR.

Shyam Rao Shrike
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Science and Technology Information Center Help for Shyam Rao Shirke

Chhattisgarh Science and Technology Information Center assisted Shyam Rao with the assistance of 40 thousand rupees to take his innovation to a larger level. After this, they put the system in the drain, and then enough gas was gathered in three days. Some scientists told him that the paper related to his project has been sent to the higher officials. It had happened two years ago and they had forgotten it, but when the Prime Minister referred to his findings, his courage grew.

Equipment threw by corporation employees

Municipal employees of the municipal corporation threw the equipment engaged in the drain, causing them to be very hurt. The scientists and technology officials asked them to register an FIR, but due to the disappointment, he did nothing. He said that the drains are emitting methane gas and pollution. It is in the national interest to use them as fuel.