AP Horticulture Department

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About Horticulture Department Andhra Pradesh

AP Horticulture Department or Department of Horticulture Andhra Pradesh is one of the engines of growth with a focus in order to increase the productivity and production of many crops of horticulture. The State Government of Andhra Pradesh is recognized as Horticulture AP as a priority sector. The Horticulture Department Andhra Pradesh has developed with the APMIP (Andhra Pradesh Micro Irrigation Project) by providing the water resources for cultivating.

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Horticulture AP Objectives

The following are the objectives of Horticulture AP:

  • In order to increase productivity and production by providing additional place through traditional crops diversification. These crops are marketed by AP Agriculture Marketing Department
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  • In order to market crops of horticulture of the following spices, plantation flowers, and crops, high-value vegetable, and fruits, aromatic and medicinal plants
  • With the use of hybrid quality / high yielding planting materials, old orchards rejuvenation, improved package practices adoption and many more in order to improve the horticulture crops productivity
  • In order to extend services of technical and providing guidance to farmers on new technologies, new crops introduction implementation
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AP Horticulture Department Subsidies

The Green House Scheme in AP Horticulture Department is one of the AP Horticulture Department Subsidies. It is the new initiative program by the Department of Horticulture Andhra Pradesh in order to cultivate the flowers and vegetables under shadenet houses/polyhouses. The Polyhouse structure design is within the area of 700 acres. AP Dr. YSR Horticulture University is the 02nd university of horticulture.

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Important Details of Department of Horticulture Andhra Pradesh

  • Firstly, AP Horticulture Department Website: http://horticulture.ap.nic.in
  • Secondly, Horticulture Department Andhra Pradesh Head Office: Commissionarate of Horticulture TTPC Building, 1st Floor, Old Market yard, Chuttugunta, ( Beside Mini Rythu Bazar), A.P. Guntur – 522 007
  • Horticulture AP Helpline Number: 0863-2216470
  • Department of Horticulture Andhra Pradesh Commissioner: Chiranjiv Chowdhary, IFS
  • Honorable Andhra Pradesh Horticulture Minister: Sri Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy
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