Elephanta Caves in Mumbai (एलिफंटा लेणी)

Elephanta Caves (एलिफंटा लेणी)

Elephanta Caves is most popular Place in India which is located in Mumbai City at Maharashtra. Elephanta-Caves especially called as Gharapuri. The Gharapuri caves attract the visitors with various  Rock cuts caves. Elephanta caves Mumbai are divided into two parts that are Five Hindu group caves dedicated to Lord Shiva. The other groups are 2 groups are dedicated to the Buddhist caves which called Stupa Hill. To visit Elephanta caves entry fees are very low.Elephanta Caves

Usually, this tourist place maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India. The Gharapuri caves are really looking very nice. The major cave is Shiva Cave has a pillared-mandapa. The Every wall decorated with carvings of the goddess and the central 3 are headed idol, the Trimurti one of the iconic, looks very nice cave.

Gharapuri caves

The Mini train has available to go from the dockside entry of the caves with reasonable prices just Rs- 10/-here we can see only five biggest caves are available to see the other caves are not maintained regularly. To reach Elephanta cave it takes nearly one hour through the boat from gate-way of India. Here we can enjoy seeing the Cool weather of Arabic Sea it make very happy.Elephanta caves Mumbai

 The following are Instructions for Elephanta caves Mumbai

  • Firstly Be careful of monkeys & don’t nourish them.
  • Secondly, Hire a guide for the best of information about the site.
  • thirdly Hold safe drinking water bottle with you.
  • Keep away from buying the expensive souvenir from the caves.
  • Wear secure footwear as you will have to walk up to reach the near to Island.
  • finally, They are only some of the restaurant’s but various foods are available.

Elephanta caves entry fees

Elephanta caves entry fees & Timings

  • From  9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Holiday on Monday)
  • Entry Ticket prices are Rs- 10/- only for Indians.
  •  Free entry for Children under 15 years.
  • Rs- 250/- for other.

    Moreover information visit Official website: http://elephanta.co.in/