Golconda Fort Hyderabad

Golconda Fort Hyderabad also known as Golconda and Gollaa Conda, is a fort and fortress built in the south of India. It was the capital of the Medieval Sultanate of Qutab Shahi Empire (1518-1687), which is located 11 kilometers away from the south of Hyderabad. This fort built in Hyderabad in Telangana state is quite famous. His empire was also famous because he had given many prized things to the country like Kohinoor Diamond. The Indian Railways runs a Golconda Express train with the name of Golconda from Hyderabad to many places. Get to know about the Golconda Fort timings, Golconda Fort Entry Fee, Golconda Fort at Night and more details.golkonda

History of Golconda Fort

The Fort built in the time of the Maratha Empire. The construction of this city and the fort stands at 120 meters (480) high above the granite hill and surrounded by a huge panoramic hill. Pratap Rudra of Kakatiya had repaired it.

But later on, Musunuri Nayak had captured the fort, defeating the Tugalak army in Warangal. This fort built by King of Warangal during the 14th century. Later it went into the hands of the Bahamani kings and started to call Muhmudnagar.

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In 1512 AD this fort came under the authority of the Qutb Shahi Kings and remained their capital till the time of the foundation stone of present-day Hyderabad. Then Aurangzeb won it in 1687 AD. It built on a hill of granite, which has eight doors and surrounded by three miles long strong wall of stone.

The ruins of the palaces and mosques here tell their ancient pride story of dignity. Musi River flows south of the fort. Almost half a mile from the fort is the granite stone tombs of Qutubshahi kings, which still exists in broken footsteps.

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Golconda Fort was considered to be a famous market of diamonds until the 17th Century. This fort gave the world some of the best diamonds, which include Kohinoor. The fine details of its architecture and blurry gardens, which once were fitted with beautiful green lawns and beautiful fountains of water, take you back to the grandeur of that time.

Qutb Shahi Sultans ruled for nearly 62 years. But in 1590, the Qutb Shahi Sultanate shifted its capital to Hyderabad.

Golconda Fort Monumentsgolconda fort Hyderabad

Golconda fort also included in the “list of monuments” of the Archaeological Treasure. Actually, Golconda consists of 4 different forts, which has a 10-kilometer long outer wall, 8 entrances, and 4 Lift Bridge. Along with this Golconda has many royal apartments and halls, temples, mosques, magazines, stables etc. There also a Fateh Darwaja (it also called the victorious gate) in its most not-to-be part, a precious iron fort is on the south-eastern side of this door. You can also experience acoustic intensity in the Fateh Darwaja.

Fateh Darwaza

The main feature of the Golconda’s marble is that you can listen to the echo of the audience’s applause, even at the Bala Nisar Theater. It is said that these claps were used to tell the emergency situations in ancient times.fatez darwaza

The entire Golconda Complex spread over 11 kilometers of giant area. In Golconda surroundings, we can see the beautiful scenes of ancient Indian arts, crafts, and architecture. Here are many ancient theaters, entrance and spacious halls. Golconda divided into four different forts. Even in Golconda, you will see a 400-year-old royal garden.

Bala Hissar Gate is the main gateway of Golconda, which is in the east direction. The artwork is done on the edges of the door closely. At the same time, there is a special type of lock and circular blade on the door. The peacocks made over the door. A special type of lock worn on the lower granite part of the door. The shapes of peacock and lion made on the basis of mixed artifacts of Hindu-Muslim.

Toli Mosquegolkonda Hyderabad

Toli Mosque is in the caravan, which is 2 kilometers away from Golconda Fort. It constructed in 1671 by Mir Musa Khan Mahaldar, who was the royal artist of Abdullah Qutab Shah. There are five curves in the mosque, in which the lotus made in each round of a circular medal. The middle curve is the largest and most decorated. From inside, the mosque divided into two parts.

The big wall is in front of the entrance of the fort. This wall prevents the state from attacking soldiers and elephants.

Golconda fort is famous for the wondrous acoustic system. The topmost part of the fort is “Bala Hissar”, which is several kilometers away from the fort. Simultaneously, the water system “Rehman” of the fort is the main center of attraction.

Bala Hissarwho built golconda fort

Crowd says that there is a secret path between “Darbar Hall” and the palace. There is also the tomb of Qutub Shahi kings in the fort. This grave remains on the basis of Islamic traditions and artifacts. This grave is in the northern direction 1 kilometer away from the outer wall of Golconda. Outside of the fort is beautiful with beautiful gardens. People say that there is also a secret door to go to Charminar.

Darbar Halldarbar hall hyderabad

The Fort is the main center of the two theater attractions, made on the outskirts of Fort. This theater built on rocks. There is also a “black temple” in the fort. You can see it from the King’s court, which is on the height of the Fort.

There are many more buildings inside the Fort:

Habshi Kamans, Ashlah Khana, Taramati Masjid, Ramdas Bandibhana, Camel Stable, Kilvat, Shamshan Snan, Nagina Bagh, Ramasa Kotha, Darbar Hall, Amber khana etc.

This fantastic fort has a wonderful water supply system. But mournfully it saying that now the beauty of the fort getting diminished.about golconda fort

The huge entrances of the fortress decorated with nails of iron. These sharp nails protect Golconda from the invasion of elephants. Golconda fort has protected by a huge 11-km long wall. This wall built with a view of protecting the fort.

New Fort of Golcondaelephant shaped tree

A new fort is an extended form of the Golconda Fort. This fort was built when the people started coming here and there was also an elephant-shaped tree which was called the zoo of the Hatiya. The new mosque is also included in the battlefield. The local government later made plans to convert this place into a golf club

Qutub Shahi Tombqutub shahi tomb

The tomb of Qutab Shahi Sultan is located 1 kilometer away from the north side of the outer wall of Golconda fort. This grave is made of beautiful stones and a beautiful green garden of the grave has also been built. People have come to see this grave for years.

Golconda Fort Interesting Facts

  1. The 425-year-old tree is there still today

An African baobab tree, which also called the Hatiya ka Jhaad, the tree comes in the new fort. This tree 425 years old. It said that Arabian merchants gifted it to Sultan Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah.

  1. In fact, it was a brick fort which was later expanded

The Golconda fort was actually built in the 13th century by Kakatiya rulers. Earlier it was only a fort of brick and later it was expanded.

  1. World famous diamond

Darya-e-Noor, Noor-ul-Ain Diamond, Kohinoor, Asha Diamond and Regent Diamond were with the Sultan of Golconda before leaving India.

  1. The ancient madman had rescued the city

It was a matter of ancient times, a madman was in power, who used to stay behind the door and protected him. When Aurangzeb was preparing to enter the fort, then he could never attack while being with this madman. Only an officer of the Mughal army asked him to leave the place so that Aurangzeb could attack the fort.

  1. Taali Maro Miyan

You can easily hear the clapping played at the entrance of the fort, in the Bala Hisar Theater, which is the topmost part of the fort. It shows two things – either the intruder came in, or there was an emergency situation. It also used so that people of the royal family could come to know about the upcoming guests.

  1. The Mahakali temple built on the top of the fort

Sri Jagadamba Mahakali temple built on the topmost part of the fort. King Ibrahim Quli Qutb Shah was famous among Hindus; Hindus used to call him as Malkibhiram.

  1. It has inspired many films like Shri Ramdasu

Ramadasu Bandhikhanaramadasu bandhikhana

Rama Dasu a revenue officer who abducted by Abul Hasan Tani Shah because he used misappropriation of money in making Bhadrachalam Ram temple. It said that Lord Rama had come in the dream of Tani Shah and he also paid off the immersed money to rescue Ram Dasu.

  1. Mysterious tunnel and way to go out

It said that this fort has a mysterious tunnel that starts from the Darbar Hall and takes the side out through the lowest part of the fort. In fact, this tunnel used by people of the royal family to leave the emergency, but this tunnel never seen in the present.

  1. Voice and Light Show

The beautiful voice and light show here are the main points of attraction of the audience. Through it, the stories of the kings, love, and history said there. This view is worth watching!!!golconda fort light show

  1. This fort has inspired three places with similar names in the USA, first Arizona, second Illinois and third Nevada

The mining city Golconda also in Arizona and today it called a ghostly city, the place named Golconda kept only after the fort.

In Illinois, there is a place named Sarahsville, whose name changed to Golconda on January 24, 1817, it said that its name changed after inspired by the ancient city Golconda. The third is in Golconda City in Nevada.

Golconda Fort Timings

The Golconda Timinsg is open from 8 am to 5.30 pm daily.

Golconda Fort Light and Sound Show

  • 1st Show English (All Days)
  • 2nd Show in Telugu on Monday, Wednesday & Friday,
  • 2nd Show in Hindi on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday.
  • Golconda Fort Timings for Show on (Nov to Feb): 1st Show 6:30 pm and 2nd Show 7.45 pm
  • Show Timings (Mar to Oct): 1st Show 7:00 pm and 2nd Show at 8.15 pm.

Note: Golconda Fort at Night, you can visit the Light and Sound Shows. The Ticket counter at Fort is open from 5:30 PM. The Golconda Fort at Night looks very attractive and it provides the visual feast for visitors.

Golconda Fort Entry Fee

Here, you can find the Golconda Fort Entry Fee along with sound and light show fee info for kids, elders. Visit the Golconda Fort at Night and enjoy to watch the Historical monuments.

Rs 15- (per person for Indians)

Rs.200– (per person for Foreign Tourists)

Rs 25– (for Still Camera)

Rs 130– (for Sound & Light Show)

Golconda Fort at Night Sound & Light Show Fee

Rs 140- (per Adult in Executive Class)

Rs.110– (per Child in Executive Class)

Rs 80- (per Adult in Normal Class)

Rs 60- (per Child in Normal Class)

How to reach Golconda fort?

By Air

Rajeev Gandhi International Airport of Hyderabad is 20km away from the city which has both international and domestic terminals. There are flights like Jet Airways, Air Asia, Spice Jet, Indigo and more from and to major cities of India and some foreign countries as well.

By Train

Hyderabad has three main railway stations in Hyderabad, Secunderabad, and Kacheguda running many direct trains to all the major cities of India like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Kolkata etc.

By Bus

Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) runs many ordinary, express, deluxe, super luxury and sleeper buses from and to all over the state and also major cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, and Chennai.

Local Transport

Many taxis like Uber Cabs, Ola Cabs, private cars, local trains, local buses run to Golconda fort.

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