Preparation of Sprouts Salad

About Sprouts Salad

Few people are very health conscious and eating Sprouts Salad is really a good idea for a healthy choice. The Indians also have the Sprouted Salad ar their regular meals. For children, the Sprout Salad will contain the following Sprouts Ingredients of Tomatoes, Cucumber (Kheera), Onions in our regular food. Along with these ingredients, some also will have the following nuts, vegetable leaves, coconuts and few times meat also will add to the Preparation of Sprout Salad in order to balance the meal.

Preparation of Sprout Salad
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What is Sprouting?

Sprouting means “It is a simple and easy natural process of germinating seeds or spores”.

Taste of Salad

The Palate of India adds the Moong Beans an amazing salad. The other ingredients like lemon juice add a good flavor of tangy. If you want to make it like a chaat you can add chaat masala. This article helps you with how to prepare simple and easy sprouted salad.

Sprouted Salad
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Sprouts Ingredients

The following are the Sprouts ingredients:

  • Firstly, Moong bean sprouts – 01 Cup
  • Secondly, Onion – 01
  • Thirdly, Tomato – 01
  • Green Chilli – 01
  • Fresh Coriander – 01 tablespoon
  • Salt for taste
  • Lemon Juice – 02 tablespoons
  • Chat Masala (For Optional)
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Steps for Preparation of Sprout Salad

The following are the steps for Preparation of Sprout Salad:

  • Firstly, take 01 cups of Moong bean sprouts
  • Secondly, add 01 onion very finely chopped pieces
  • Thirdly, add 01 Tomato very finely chopped pieces
  • Then 01 green chili which should finely chopped
  • Also 01 tablespoons of chopped fresh coriander
  • Then add salt for taste
  • Also, add 02 tablespoons of lemon juice
  • Lastly, add 01 tablespoons of chaat masala (Optional)
  • Mix all the above ingredients in a bowl
  • Then cool it in a refrigerator for half an hour
  • After half an hour you can serve the Sprouted Salad and have the tasty Sprouted Salad
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