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Kanha National Park – कान्हा राष्ट्रीय उद्यान

This is one of the main national parks of India. For the National Parks and Forests, Madhya Pradesh is more famous in our country. Famous for its scenic beauty and architecture, Kanha has always been the center of attraction among the tourists. Kanha had derived from the word Kannada, which has meaning in the local language. Get more info about Kanha National Park or Kanha Tiger Reserve from here.kanha national park

The name of this place, Kanha, had named after the soil found here. Apart from this, a local belief has been that a perfect man lived in the village near the forest whose name was Kanva, under his name Kanha name derived. It also knows as Kanha Rashtriya Udyan.

Kanha Tiger Reserve Madhya Pradesh – कान्हा टाइगर रिजर्व मध्य प्रदेशkanha rashtriya udyan

Kanha is famous for its conservation of wild animals. It is home to different species of animals. This park of animals had extended over an area of 940 sq km. The inspiration for Rudyard Kipling’s famous book and serial Jungle Book has taken from this place. The place described in the book is the house of characters like Mowgli, Bagra, Sher Khan etc, In 1973, under this project Tiger, 9 17.43 square kilometers of this garden. The area of Kanha had declared as Tiger Reserve area.

The attraction of Kanha Park – कान्हा पार्क का आकर्षणkanha kisli national park

The main attractions of the Kanha wildlife Sanctuary are Tiger,  Gaur,  Sambar,  Chital,  Reindeer, Barking Deer, Black Buck, Bear, Fox, Saheli, Wild Cat, Python, Rabbit, Monkey,  Mongoose, and Leopard. With these, you can see 217 types of butterflies, insects, reptiles, 1200 types of plants and trees.

This species represents Kanha and is very famous here. These unique animals living in difficult terrain conditions are inhabited by vast grasslands surrounded by teak and bamboo. The Twins were on the verge of extinction twenty years earlier. But some measures have taken to save them from extinction. From the end of December to the middle of January, the reindeer period of the reindeer remains. In this period, they can be seen better and closer. It is India’s only place to find reindeer.kanha wildlife sanctuary

This is a very good destination for bird lovers. More than 259 species of birds can be seen in Kanha. Park species of birds like cuckoos, rollers, cuckoos, pigeons, parrots, green pigeons, rock doves, storks, herons, peacocks, wildfowl, kingfishers, woodpeckers, finches, owls can see and flycatcher comfortably. In the winter season, you can enjoy many migratory birds.

Kanha Kisli National Park 
Location Madhya Pradesh, India
Nearest city Mandla
Area 940 km²
Established 1955
Visitor 1,000 (in 1989)
Governing body Forest Department, Government of Madhya Pradesh

Status at National Kanha Parkkanha national park map

This national park is spread over 1945 square kilometers. This area has a shape like a horse’s feet and this green area is surrounded by the hills of Satpura. The height of these hills is 450 to 900 meters. Under this, there are barren and Helen valleys which were formerly called the Princess area of Central India. Until 1879-1910, this area was the site of hunting for the British. Kanha had established as a sanctuary in 1933 and it has declared a national park in 1955. Many animal birds have preserved here. Nearly extinct species of reptiles are found in the environment here.kanha park madhya Pradesh

Kanha is one of Asia’s most picturesque and beautiful Wildlife Sanctuaries in India. This country of Tigers is the ideal place for both predator and victim. The biggest feature here is open grasslands where black buck, barasingha, sambhar, and cheetah can be seen together. Bamboo and teak trees enhance its beauty.

Jeep Safari at Kanha – कान्हा में जीप सफारीjeep safari kanha national park

Jeep Safari is provided in the morning and afternoon. It rented from the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Development Office. Campers allowed to carry their vehicle and guide. The time for Safari is from 6 am to 12 pm and from 3 pm to 5:30 pm. You can go for a Safari tour in Kanha’s buffer zone. If you go to Kanha Zone for exclusions, do not forget to see the museum, where you get very good and educative information about Kanha forests and organisms.

Tiger scene

A tigress with two cubselephant riding

The elephant riding facility has provided for tourists to see the tigers nearby. For this, you need to book the seats. Their services can obtain in the morning.

Fees: Indians Rs 100 and Foreigners Rs 600


Here you can see the bird’s world of birds. There are about 300 species of birds here. These species of birds include migratory birds coming in winter besides to local birds. The main birds found here include storks, small ducks, pintails, Talabi heron, Peacock, Poultry, Pigeon peas, every pigeon, hill pigeon, Papaya, Owls, Kingfishers, hardwoods, spotted Perkins etc.

Kanha Museum – कान्हा संग्रहालयkanha museum

Kanha’s natural history accumulated in this museum. This museum offers views of the magnificent Tiger Reserve here. Apart from this, this museum provides information about Kanha’s profile, description of the area and variations found in wildlife.

Banani Dadar – बनानी दादरbanani dadar sun shine

This is the most beautiful place in the park. The sunny sunshine here attracts tourists. The panoramic view of Kanha’s Forest, which is dense and spread all around, can see here. Deer, gaur, sambhar, and Chousingha can also see around this place.

Rare animals

In Kanha, there will be many animal species which are rare. The species of rare animals like wolf, Chinkara, Indian penguin found in the east corner of the park, Indian owls living in flat plains and a small cat in India can see here.

King and Queen

Near the center of visitors, two huge clusters of trees of the year can see. These pieces worshiped daily in the forest. They know as Raja-Rani. This tree named Raja Rani had transformed into a piece after 2000.

Weather at Kanha – कान्हा में मौसमweather at kanha

Park is open from October 1st to June 30th. During the monsoon, this park closed. The maximum temperature is around 39 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature is 2 degree Celsius. This area is very cold in winter. Warm and woolen clothing will require in the winter. The period from November to March most convenient. In December and January, Barasingha can see close by.

Ways to Reach National Park Kanha – राष्ट्रीय उद्यान कान्हा पहुंचने के तरीके

Kanha National Park connected by air, rail, and road. According to your convenience, you can use these routes to reach Kanha.

Air Route

Located near 266 km from Kanha, Nagpur is the nearest airport. It connected to regular flights of Indian Airlines. From here, you can reach Kanha via bus or taxi.

Railroad Track

Jabalpur railway station is the closest railway station to reach Kanha. Jabalpur situated 175 kilometers from Kanha. From here, the state transport corporation can reach from Kanpur via buses or taxi.


Kanha National Park directly connected through Jabalpur, Khajuraho, Nagpur, Mukki, and Raipur via the road. From Delhi to National Highway 2 from Agra, National Highway 3 to Beiwara, National Highway 12 from Bhopal, Jabalpur can reach. Kanha can reach from Mandla district road with National Highway 12A.

Kanha National Park Hotels – कान्हा नेशनल पार्क होटलkanha national park hotels

There are many hotels which provide various facilities to the tourists. The following are the famous hotels in Kanha National Park:

Mogli Resort Kanha: 3 Star Hotel, Rs 1,024 per room includes Breakfast
Soulacia Hotel and Resort: Rs 4,000 per room/ night
Motel Chandan: 1 Star Hotel, Rs 1,743 per room includes breakfast
The Baagh – A Forest Retreat: 3 Star Hotel, Rs 4,750 per room includes breakfast
Grand Tiger Resort: 3 Star Hotel, Rs 2,034 per room includes breakfast
Prestige Nature’s Nest: 3 Star Hotel, Rs 5,625 per room
Hotel Kanha Treasure in Forest: 1 Star Hotel, Rs 1,200 per room includes breakfast

For further information, you can go through the hotel Sites and can also book a room through online.

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