Tadoba National Park – Maharashtra

Tadoba National Park – ताडोबा राष्ट्रीय उद्यान

Tadoba is located in the heart of the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve Forest and spreads in the area of 1727 sq km in Maharashtra State. The park finds its location in Chandrapur district, India. One of the largest and oldest National Park in which there is a large number of trees and wild animals, such as leopards, tigers, heels, bears, wild dogs, Shankara, barking deer, bison, sambhar, and a herd of deer. Get more info on Tadoba National Park from here.tadoba national park

History of Tadoba National Park – ताडोबा नेशनल पार्क का इतिहास

There is a grand history in the name of Tadoba National Park. Tadoba or Tara was the god of ethnic people who lived in the untamed Tadoba area. It is believed that the young man was a villager, who was killed in a great encounter with a tiger. After this, a shrine dedicated to Lord Taru, which is located on the edge of a huge tree and Tadoba Lake. Similarly, due to the Andhari River, the name of ‘Andhari‘ was given the name which rotates through the jungle.

tadoba andhari tiger reserve

Previous, the ruler of Gond lined this forest in the shores of Chimur hills. During 1935, hunting was completely restricted, but later in 1955; the area of 116.54 sq. Km (45.00 sq mi) accepted as National Park. The Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary was built on the next forests in 1986 and in the year 1995, the park and sanctuary were jointly connected to present India “41 Project Tiger”

The Attractions of Tadoba Park – ताडोबा पार्क के आकर्षण

Tadoba National Park situated on the edge of dried vegetation in eastern Vidarbha in Chandrapur district. Here, tourists can also find the Tadoba Hotels & Resorts with high-quality accommodation. Tadoba and Andhari National Park are among the oldest gardens in the state. Generally, these parks are located in the protected area of seven hundred square kilometers. The Tadoba and the Andhari Tiger Reserve are also equally old.tadoba jungle safari

The Tadoba Sanctuary is rich in natural vegetation and wildlife. Here the animals like Tiger, Leopard, Chital, Sambar, Nilgai, Randukar, Chinkara, Kalibat, Rab, Ramnagar will be able to see, The Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve came into existence in almost twenty-five years. The Tadoba Sanctuary built in the western part of the forest and the Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary was built this year.

Main points of the Tadoba National Park

  • Taraba or TadobaNational Park is one of the famous tourist destinations of Maharashtra. It is located in Chandrapur city.
  • This National Park is at a distance of 45 km from Chandrapur.
  • Teas and bamboo trees increase the beauty of this garden.
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  • Located in the south-west of Kanha National Park, this national park considered to the home of tigers, leopards, sambhar deer, wild boar, wolf, gore, chital, nilgai, marshy crocodile and many water birds.
  • The month of November to June considered the best time to come here.
  • There is a proper rest house for a stay in the garden.

Best time to visit Tadoba Park – ताडोबा पार्क जाने का सबसे अच्छा समयtadoba online booking

The best time is from February to May. During this time, the herds of gaurs, tigers, deer and other animals can easily see in large numbers. This is the best time to find exciting experiences and travel in search of these animals.

Safari activities and Time in Tadoba

Gypsy and Jeep Safari are always available in Tadoba Park which helps in exploring the forest’s wildlife.tadoba safari booking

Safari time

Morning Jeep: 6.00 am to 10.00 am     (admission, till 8.00 am, allowed)
Afternoon Jeep: 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm     (till 4:30 pm entry allowed)

Entry and other Fees

Entry Fee: INR 20 per person
Guide: INR 100
Vehicle: INR 50 per vehicle
Still camera: INR 2
Video camera: INR 100

How to reach Tadoba Park – ताडोबा सफारीtadoba national park packages

To Tadoba you can easily travel by train, air, and rail here. The distance of Nagpur Airport is just 1.5 kilometers away. If you want to travel by train, the train will leave for Chandrapur, only 40 kilometers away from Chandrapur. From Chandrapur or Chimoor, you can easily reach here.

Tips at Park Tadoba – पार्क ताडोबा में टिप्सtadoba forest

Trained guides are available here. There is a minibus that can accommodate around 10 to 12 people for the jungle safari. If you want to discover the invention of wildlife, birds, and animals in Tadoba, do not forget to take the necessary equipment like binary, flashlight, hot cap, glasses.

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