Mahabalipuram is the Very Best and Safe Place to Roam Alone

About Mahabalipuram Temple

If you are planning solo travel, then visit Mahabalipuram Temple in Tamil Nadu. Mahabalipuram is also known as Mamallapuram. There will be a lot of things to know about Mamallapuram Tourism where to roam around. Walking alone as a solo traveler gives different experience but places like Goa, Andaman and Nainital cannot be held right in the same way and can be enjoyed with the group. Temples, forts, and palaces are the best options for Solo Trip, where you can relax and explore them comfortably. Mahabalipuram Tourism is in such a place where the backpack can go out and roam alone.

Mahabalipuram Tourism

Mamallapuram is a historic city of Tamil Nadu situated in the city of Kanchipuram. Mamallapuram, 55 km away from Chennai, is famous for its huge temples and Mahabalipuram beach all over the world. Most of the monuments here have built by the Pallavas. It has to come here to see its beautiful and wonderful architecture.

Places to visit in Mahabalipuram Tourism

Krishna Butter Ball

It is very surprising to see this huge stone standing on a rocky rock.

Noise tarpaulin

This Dravidian style temple built in the 8th century. Inside the temple, there are pictures of Lord Vishnu and Shiva on a rock.

Krishna Mandapam

The stories of Lord Krishna have depicted in this temple. Where you come, you will feel relaxed and relax.

Five chariots

Mamallapuram five chariots, famous for its beautiful carvings and art world famous Which is known as the five Pandavas. The special thing that it made by cutting with the same stone.

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Cholamandal Artist Village

In this village, you will find many wonderful specimens of inscriptions, images, and art.

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Grizzly bank

This is a picnic spot where you can enjoy your whole day.

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How to reach from Chennai to Mahabalipuram?

After reaching 1.5 hours from Chennai, you can reach Mamallapuram. By the way, the facility of buses and cabs from Chennai is also available. Here is the nearest railway station Chengalpattu which is 29 km away from Mamallapuram.

Best time to visit Mamallapuram Tourism

Mahabalipuram Temple weather is very hot and humid because it is located on the banks of the coast. In summer (May-June) the temperature reaches 38 degrees.

There is good rain in August-September, due to which the weather gets cheerful, during this time you can plan to come here.

Apart from this, it will be good to come here in winter (November-February). Because the temperature here is 25 degrees.

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Where to stay?

Not much to stay in Mamallapuram Tourism but hotels of all types will be available. If you have gone alone, safety also needs to take care of with the budget. For this, you will find cheap and also good rooms in Fisherman’s Colony. Apart from the guest house on East King Street, there are also facilities for good hotels.

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