The Nagzira National Park – Maharashtra

Nagzira National Park – नागजीरा राष्ट्रीय उद्यान

The meaning of the word nag in the Sanskrit language is also an elephant. Elephants have a long way to live in this forest, and hence the name ‘Nagzira’ has called on this sanctuary. Nagzira Sanctuary between Bhandara district and Gondia district of Maharashtra Districts, which is known as the district of ponds, is 152.81 sq. spread over the area in India. The specialty of this sanctuary is that it does not have an electricity supply, the forest is naturally maintained. Know more info about the Nagzira National Park here.nagzira forest

Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary Nagpur – नागजीरा वन्यजीव अभयारण्य नागपुर

The wildlife sanctuary is having the beauty of nature with its charming landscape, lavish vegetation and serves as a living outdoor museum to discover and take pleasure in the best of nature. The sanctuary is an amazingly potted “Green Oasis” and has an immense significance from bio-diversity protection point of view. Nagzira is an abode of several endangered species.nagzira wildlife sanctuary

The vertebrate group of animals including, more than thirty-four species of mammals, approximately 166 species of birds including drifting ground and water birds, about 36 species of reptiles and about 4 species of amphibian and a number of fishes. This sanctuary is prominent for its prosperity of birds and is certainly a bird watcher’s paradise. The zoological standards of this sanctuary are in brief specified below.

Fauna of Nagzira Park – नागजीरा पार्क का जीव

There are more than 34 – species of mammal originate in the sanctuary, the list of mammals are Tiger, Panther, Jungle Cat, Small Indian Civet, Palm Civet, wolf, Jackal, Sloth Bear, Ratel, Common Giant Flying Squirrel, Gaur, 4 Horned Antelope, Mouse Deer, Pangolin.nagzira national park animals

Over 166 species of Avifauna belonging to 16 diverse orders and 47 families have seen in Nagzira national park. Also, as many as 15 species of wandering birds reported. 1 worth mentioning bird, “Bar-headed Goose” which is a winter drifter from Ladakh is also seen here. Tibet inhabits Chorkhamara tank positioned adjacent to the sanctuary. There are 13 bird species of scarce status including peafowl and the birds belonging to “Accipitridae” family.nagzira wildlife sanctuary nagpur

In reptiles, Nagzira is the house of about 36 species of reptiles belonging to 2 usual orders and 11 families out of which about 6 species are of rare status namely Common Monitor, Indian Rock Python, Indian Cobra, Russell’s viper, Dhaman, and Checkered Keelback.nagzira wildlife sanctuary distance from Nagpur

Nagzira is also abode to a lot of out of the ordinary varieties of amphibian, like frogs and toads. These are Tree-frog, Bull-frog, Six-toed frog, an unusual toad; Ramanella Montana etc. The Nagzira Lake in the province of this sanctuary flourishes a lot of varieties of clean water fishes.

Flora of Nagzira Park – नागजीरा पार्क का फ्लोराnagzira sanctuary

The vegetation of Nagzira sanctuary has a varied kind of shrubbery ranging from parched mixed forests to damp forest. The forest type is Southern Tropical dehydrated deciduous forests. The main floras include little trees, grasses, shrubs, tree species, herbs, and a small number of under-shrubs. Main trees are Ain, Dhavda, Bija, Garari, Tinsa, Tendu and Surya. Teak grows lightly while Bamboos grow abundantly.

Nagzira Charges and Timings – नागजीरा शुल्क और समय

Park Entry Charges 

Rs.50   (per person for Indian Tourists)
Rs.100 (per person for Foreign Tourists)

Vehicle Parking Charges

Rs. 150/- per car
Rs. 200/- per minibus

Camera Charges

Rs. 2 for each Still Camera
Rs.20 for each Movie Cameranagzira sanctuary

Safari Jeep Charges

Rs. 1500 to 1800 (6 persons in a jeep)

Guide charges 

Rs. 300 per vehicle (Taking guide along with each vehicle is compulsory for safety and information sake)

Timings to visit Nagzira National Park

7 am to 7 pm (Daily)
1st October to 31st January: 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.
1st February to 15th June: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Sanctuary remains closed for tourists from16th June to 30th September 30.

Accommodation in Nagzira national park – नागजीरा राष्ट्रीय उद्यान में आवासnagzira

Forest Department has built the cottages around the lake named, Lata-Kunj, Nilay &  Madhu-Kunj in the center of the forest. These rest houses have good accommodation facilities, clean rooms, and nice food arrangements.

You can check the availability of rooms at MTDC Accommodation Reservation.

Best Time to Visit Nagzira – नागजीरा जाने का सबसे अच्छा समयtimings to visit nagzira national park

February to May is the finest time to trip Nagzira wildlife sanctuary. As the temperature elevated during this season so animals can effortlessly spot near water bodies.

Weather Conditions in Nagzira – नागजीरा में मौसम की स्थिति

The temperature in summer rises up to 45°C a
The temperature in winter fall up to 6.5°C

How to Reach Nagzira National Park – नागजीरा राष्ट्रीय उद्यान कैसे पहुंचेhow to reach nagzira national park

This reserve healthily linked by road to all major cities in Maharashtra. This park has overall 8 gates namely Balapur Gate, Chorkhamara Gate, Kosamtondi Gate, Pongezara Gate, Murpar Gate, Murdoli Gate, Nagzira Gate & Mangezari Gate. Out of these, Nagzira gate is the main access gate. You can ablaze here from Sakoli via the route of Pitezari.

Nagzira wildlife sanctuary can reach by personal vehicles or hired vehicles from following destinations.

Nearest Railway Station

Gondia is the close & suitable railway station to reach Nagzira Sanctuary. It is located at a distance of 45 km from the sanctuary. Bhandara Road (50 km), Soundad (20 km) and Tirora (20 km) are other nearby railway stations.

Nearest Bus Stop:

Sakoli bus stop on the National Highway (NH)-6 is the nearby bus stop to reach Nagzira. The distance between Sakoli and Nagzira is 22 km (via Pitezari). Bhandara bus stop (at 60 km) is the other alternative to arrive at the sanctuary.

Nearest Airport: 

Nearby airport to reach Nagzira sanctuary is Nagpur airport. It is located at a distance of 122 km from the sanctuary. Taxies are available from the airport till sanctuary (This journey takes 3 hours to reach)

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