Best 5 Wayanad Tourist Places in Kerala

Best Wayanad Tourist Places

Wayanad tourist places are very famous in India. Wayanad is one of the district of Kerala State. It is located among the World tradition Site of Western Ghats, with the Kabini river monument. Wayanad most popular for pleasant tourist attractions places. Here you can find tourist places in Wayanad list. wayanad images location are so beautiful to see you will get the best experiences.Wayanad Tourist Places

Chembra Peak

Chembra Peak best tourist places to visit in Wayanad. It is one of the Largest peak regions.  which has a Height of nearly 2,200 meters. Here most of them are Lush tea plantation go through it. We can see the Hridasarasu lake flow across the lush tea Plantations.tourist places in Wayanad

Lakkidi View Point

Lakkidi one of the largest locations in Wayanad district imposing a picturesque landscape. There are 12 km away from the Adivaram – Lakkidi through thick forests is a fascinating experience. It is 2nd highest rainfall in the world as well as the best places to see various types of Indian birds.tourist places in Wayanad

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

Wayanad is situated at Western Ghats of India. At present, this also called as Heritage Site and the most recent warm Biodiversity-Hotspot. To See the sights of wildlife of this area up close for a memorable meeting with many new animal species as well as various types of birds. They are number of  wildlife sanctuary Parks are available in India to visit wayanad map with tourist spots

Jain Temple

Jain temples one of the Historical present Wayanad. The temple constructed in the 13th Century. Jain structural design as well as the tough presence of Jain people in this area. The temple builds in the period of Tipu Sultan. we can also see many historical temples like jyotirlinga temples in India. wayanad tourist places road map


Pakshipathalam situated at Brahmagiri hills the hills totally covered with Deep forest it has a height of nearly 1,800 meters. This place is most famous for different species animals, Plants as well as birds. This place is 7km away from the Thirunelli spotted with deep forest. wayanad images

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