Cellular Jail-सेलुलर जेल

Port Blair cellular jail

Andaman Nicobar jail Cellular Jail- सेलुलर जेल

In India, Cellular Jail is situated in Southeast of Island of India. The Andaman Nicobar jail it is also one of a popular tourist place. Port Blair cellular jail is complicated to visualize this was one of the most feared parts of the nation before the independence period. In this article, you get information regarding Cellular jail timings as well as find the Andaman jail photos to be known. Port Blair one of the capital city of this Union territory, It is home to Cellular Prison. The prison now it became one of the tourist places. here you see best other tourist places like Andaman Nicobar Island to enjoy.Cellular jail

The Andaman Nicobar jail or Cellular jail is located in Port Blair it is the Capital city of Andaman as well as Union territory of India. We can go to Port Blair for ways other tourist places like Andaman beaches also best tourist Place.

By Airways:- To go Port Blair regularly available flights, and Go Air operate daily flights from Port Blair-Chennai and also Port Blair –Kolkata. It also operates international flights from Veer Savarkar Airport.Andaman Nicobar jail

The following are Airways to Andaman

By Seaways:- To go Andaman they are only Weekly Ships are available among Port-Blair and also Chennai- Kolkata to Vizag it takes nearly 4-5 days to go. The number of Passengers goes through the Ships as well as luxuries are inadequate.Cellular jail timings

History of Port Blair cellular jail

Cellular Jail  – Transportation to Port Blair started as early in the year of 1857, due to the Indian Rebellion [ Sepoy Mutiny ] 1st War of Independence. The several islands in Andaman Nicobar are the penal colony to Our Indian freedom fighters were expatriate for custody. The Cellular Jail was constructed in the period of 1896 &  1906 Year. prisoner be deported here from the mainland to Viper Island in India  During the period of World War-2, the Japanese invade & captured Port Blair as well as  Cellular Jail. During the time of India’s, independence so, it became a popular tourist Place.

Cellular jail timing and Visitor Information

Closed on Every Monday and also Public-Holidays.

Cellular Jail Timings are:-

From 9:00 am- 12:00 afternoon
From 1:00 pm- 4:15 at EveningCellular jail timings

Andaman Nicobar jail  Entry Ticket Cost

  • Adult as well as Children above 5 years age – Rs-10/- person.
  • Children’s less than 5 years age – No Ticket charges for them.
  • Still Camera Charges: -Rs-25/-Only
  • Video Camera Charges are – Rs-100/-
  • Show Timings
    For Hindi Shows – Every day 6:00 pm to 7:20 pm (except Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)
    For English Shows – Monday – Wednesday and also Friday at 7:20pm

Moreover, Information visit Official website: http://www.andamans.gov.in/

For Tourist Complaints
The Directorate of Tourism in Andaman,
Andaman & Nicobar Administration Block,
Kamaraj Road – Port Blair
 Contact Number:  03192-232694 /- 232747
Tele Fax Number – 03192-230933
Email Address – thedirectortourism@gmail.com
Cellular Jail Address
Cellular Jail,
 Nearby G.B – Pant-Hospital,
 Port Blair- 744101

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