Home for every family It’s my dream by 2022- PM Modi

PM Modi- Home for every family It’s my dream by 2022

Modi is the prime minister who opened lakh homes in Gujarat, Jujua, Junagadh (Gujarat). Prime Minister Narendra Modi said his dream was to have a home for every family when India celebrated 75th Independence Day in 2022 (House for All Scheme). There was no need to bribe anyone to benefit under the central government housing scheme. This will not have a place in their surplus for Commission payment. He started 1.15 lakh houses in 26 districts of Gujarat under Prime Minister Awaas Yojana (Rural). Massive home entrants had made online.

Some of the beneficiaries of various districts in the live stream system had identified with beneficiaries. Addressing a public meeting in Jujua, Valsad district, “Some of the beneficiaries have seen the houses that appear behind them. You will be surprised to see how these houses have been built under the scheme. This is possible due to the absence of commissions in my registrar. If the rupee has released from Delhi, 100 paise goes to the poor house. This is the opening ceremony. Yet, I can say with confidence that no need to pay a bribe for the house. That is our government. As soon as I ask this question, mother and sisters can say that they can get houses without having to pay a rupee bribe. There will be electricity in the country within the next one year. He also laid the foundation stone for Rs 586 crore drinking water scheme.

House for All Scheme

Gujarat taught me many things – House for All Scheme

Gujarat has taught me many things. One of the lessons I learned was to fulfill dreams in a fixed time frame. My dream is that every family should have a home (House for All Scheme ). The central government has funded by the construction of houses. But in addition to these families, these families had built with their sweat. The family should decide what kind of house should be and what kind of equipment should be used. We trust the monopolists. Believe in families. When the family builds their home, it will be much better, “he said.

If we had started Swachh Bharath earlier then now we would be healthy

Modi said that if the volunteer program Swachh Bharath was taken 70 years ago, the country would be healthy & Disease free. He also said that the building of toilets and the removal of garbage would be the reason. PM Modi had taken such a program for the good health of the nation. He mentioned that the World Health Organization said: “We have saved over three lakh children in India by taking up hygienic programs”. Speaking at a public meeting after launching a new hospital built in the medical education research society in Junagadh district, He said that if he could liberate the country from the disadvantage of outdoors, it would be a great service to healthcare. In the first phase, one of the three parliamentary constituencies has announced to build a medical college/hospital. Then it will give to two constituencies and then to each constituency. Finally, every district should have a medical college.