Telangana WE Hub – Women Entrepreneurship Hub

About Telangana WE Hub

Telangana WE Hub stands for “ Telangana Women Entrepreneurship Hub ” is an ecosystem that manages the social changes all over India and also the world by enabling the women entrepreneurs to get successful in their businesses and start-ups by overcoming the challenges. Telangana WE-Hub provides the facility of creating the supportive community for the women entrepreneurs in interacting with the following connecting with the corporate for climbing up their business, VC’s for funding. Getting advice from the mentors in order to tune ideas, avoiding costly mistakes and move forward with the confidence.

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Telangana Women Entrepreneurship Hub Services

The Telangana State Government providing the services for the following categories of Telangana Women Entrepreneurship Hub:

  • For Innovative Startups
  • For Small Businesses
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The above services for the following categories of Telangana Women Entrepreneurship Hub can explain briefly in the following:

For Innovative Startups

  • IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) Support
  • Legal Support
  • Mentorship
  • Connecting with the following prospective clients, T Hub, investors and many more

For Small Businesses

  • Firstly, Business Basics Education
  • Support for the planning of business and also goal setting
  • Incorporation and also legal support
  • Connecting with the following banks for loans etc
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Telangana WE-Hub Other Benefits

The following are the other benefits for Telangana WE-Hub:

  • In order to access to Telangana State Government services and ecosystem
  • 01st client for the business is the Government
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WE Hub of Telangana Activities

The following WE Hub of Telangana Activities will provide to access and connecting with the investors, entrepreneurs, passionate mentors:

  • Networking Sessions
  • Events
  • Innovation Grand Challenges
  • Workshops
  • Hackathons
  • Corporate Innovation Programs
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Important Details of WE Hub in Telangana

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