4 Big Mistakes done by Royal Enfield Bikers

Mistakes of Royal Enfield bikers

Royal Enfield is a famous motorcycle brand in the India market. Everybody knows this brand well. This is also because most people like to buy it due to its engine sound and retro look. However, the Royal Enfield bullet can be modified easily outside the showroom, and this is also one of the biggest mistakes done. Some modifications are such that their bike might be seized. Today we are going to tell you about some such modifications. These are the 4 mistakes done by Royal Enfield Bikers.

1. Cheap design extinguishers

Buyers of Royal Enfield traditionally prefer their engines. Apart from this, some people replace their Stock Exossover with a cheap alternate silencer, which is a very sharp and irritating noise. Apart from this, most of the cheap silencer exists are free-floors and catalytic converters, which harm the environment due to the emission of dangerous smoke from your motorcycle. The motorcycle with more noise and smoke emission silencer is seized by the police or RTO.


2. Cheap Quality Alloy

The cheap and low-quality alloy is always used during the modification of most bikes. The low-quality attractive alloy is used only to change the look of the bike but it
is quite dangerous for the bike. Not only this, it is also very harmful to heavy bikes like bullets. There is a risk of rim breakdown, tire wind leak, and insurance warranty
ends with poor quality bikes. There have been many instances where complaints of tire bursts have been found due to the alloy wheel. If you want to have a new alloy wheel,
then use only the certified OEM rim.

royal enfield alloy
royal enfield alloy

3. Powerful Horn

People who buy new bullets always take a powerful sound from the market for more noise. But he forgets that according to the Vehicle Act, it is illegal to have a more horny horn. This kind of horn bikes on the streets is captured by police and heavy fines have to be filled.

Royal Enfield Horn
Royal Enfield Horn

4. Lightweight Material Crash or Leg Guard

Crash guards are important for your bike safety while crashes but don’t replace leg guards with lightweight materials which can be insecure when any crash or unexpected incidents.
If you assemble these leg guards from the market instead of from the showroom it looks very effective but it does not have strength & quality which secure you.

royal enfield crash-guards
royal enfield crash-guards