Bishangarh Fort -heritage with modern facilities

Bishangarh Fort –

Each Floor of this fort turned into a hotel is completely different from each other. Well, there are many places to visit in Jaipur, but the story of Bishngarh Fort is different here, where the old heritage offers a very beautiful sample of modern facilities.
Bishangarh Fort, which is approximately one hour away from Jaipur, has a history of about 230 years. There is no uniformity in the design of this eight-story fort. Rao Bishan Singh built this strong fort with the care of his state’s security. Later this fort was cared by Rao Rajendra Singh, which has now been changed to a luxury hotel. Today, famous as Alila Fort, this fort is a unique example of the architecture of the Jaipur family, which also shows the influence of Mughal and British architecture.

Alila hotel
Alila hotel

The person behind the modern Look: 

Atul Kapoor, one of the people who gave Bishangarh the modern Alila Fort, says, when we came here for the first time, there were hundreds of millions of Bats inside. We used to take the blanket through the torch and go inside and see what can be done in the area. Could not explode There was no road to reach there. The cliffs climb over the rocks The road was made by breaking the stones by hand. It took seven months to lay the road. Initially used to carry luggage on mule We had to take care of heritage and also give modern facilities. It is easy to build a new structure, but it is very challenging to equip any heritage with modern facilities. It took us seven to eight years in this.

Alila fort bishangarh
Alila fort bishangarh

Ritu Khandelwal, interior designer, who has interior decoration in Bishangarh Fort, says that this building design was very different & curly. We did not find any lines that are going straight down. The most difficult vertical circulation came. Every lift here starts on a different floor. There are 22 types of layouts in 59 rooms. Each room has a separate drawing.

Every room was measured separately. Atul Kapoor explains, we have tried keeping the walls in the same way that the look of the fort remains intact and together with luxury too. The fort is at the height, windows to show the view of rural Rajasthan & the creature’s which is not usually in the fort. There are two to three meters wide walls, its pipe and wire were to be removed. For this, there was a separate turret. We searched the thief door on every wall and knocked it down.

How to reach Bishangarh Fort- Alila Hotel
Located on Delhi-Jaipur national highway, this fort is about 180 km away from Delhi, while it is only 55 kilometers from Jaipur. Indoor and outdoor restaurants in the Alila Fort, with 59 luxury suites, Snacks from Amarsaar and Nazzara.

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