AP Legal Metrology Department

About APLM Department

APLM Department stands for ” AP Legal Metrology Department ” is one of the State Government Departments of AP. AP Metrology Department deals with the weights and measures.

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AP Legal Metrology Department Objectives

The following are the objectives of AP Metrology Department:

In order to safeguard the consumer interest by ensuring assurances of metrological in measuring instruments and weighing which are used in commerce and trade of AP State

APLM Department

AP Metrology Department Functions

The following are the functions of Metrology Department AP:

  • In order to inspect of checking measures and weights that have stamped and verified by the trader (user)
  • In order to register the crime which has detected during inspections
  • Verification of measures and also weights
  • In order to ensure the MRP (Manufacturer Retail Price) on the pre-packed communities
  • In order to ensure the right net contents in the pre-packed communities
  • Checking the deliveries that are made by utilizing measures and also weights stamped and verified
AP Metrology Department
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Legal Metrology Department AP Services

The following are the services of the Legal Metrology Department AP:

  • In order to issue of manufactures registration of pre-packed commodities
  • In order to issue of new license for repairers, manufacturers, and dealers of Legal Metrology Department AP
  • Also to do the renewal of licenses for repairers, manufacturers, and dealers
  • In order to take action on the complaint for provisions violations of Measures and Weight Laws
  • In order to verify/re-verify and do stamping of measures and weights of Legal Metrology Department AP
Legal Metrology Department AP
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Important Details of Andhra Pradesh Legal Metrology Department