Neemrana fort-Best for Pre-wedding shoot or romantic dinner

Pre-wedding shoot or romantic dinner date, Neemrana fort is best for both:

Neemrana fort is a place near Delhi in Alwar district of Royal state Rajasthan where you can enjoy a full two-day holiday.
This fort built in the 15th century is today a very popular holiday destination nearest to Delhi for a perfect weekend enjoyment. Where you can enjoy Hanging Garden, Swimming Pool, Ayurvedic Spaw and India’s first zip line. The view here is very beautiful at night. From getting pre-wedding shoots, Neemrana is a very good destination for giving a surprise to the partner and proposing. Due to being close to cities like Delhi, Agra, and Mathura, there is always a crowd of tourists here.

Fort formation

Neemrana fort palace is 552 years old. The 10-storey gigantic fort has been cut into 3 acres by cutting the Aravali hill. Rooms here are also available only for day-long use and if you want to take a free tour, then take the ticket and enjoy the splendor of the palace for 2 hours. The impression of the era of the British in the interior of the Neemrana Fort is seen. It also has an open swimming pool. Rajmahal and Hawa Mahal for breakfast, then for the food Amkhas, five palaces, Amtalas, Aranyas Mahal, Holi Kund and Maha Turj are built. The structure of this fort is such that the royal divas are realized at every step. The typical thing about the Neemrana Fort is that every room made here has a different name, such as from Dev Mahal to Gopi Mahal.

neemrana fort beauty
neemrana fort beauty

Sights nearby

Hillfort kesroli

A few minutes away from Neemrana, the city of Kesaroli is known for its natural beauty. It is said about this place that Pandavas had spent the last days of their exile here. Here the statue of Hanuman and statues of old reservoirs will be seen.


Baba Kedarnath Ashram

Places to visit near Neemrana include the ashram of Baba Kedarnath, which is very beautiful and peaceful. From the perspective of Relaxing it is a perfect destination.

Jonaicha Khurd

A beautiful village near the Neemrana, which is the Tapo Bhumi of Baba Kundandas Maharaj.

jonaicha khurd
jonaicha khurd

How to reach


You can reach Neemrana Fort Palace, after traveling about 122 km from Delhi to Jaipur highway.

Railroad track

Here is the nearby railway station Alwar, which is about 70 km away. Is located at a distance.


Indira Gandhi International Airport is the nearest airport here. It is 108 km from here.

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