West Bengal Housing Board – WB Housing

WB Housing – डब्ल्यूबी आवास

We all know that three things are necessary to survive on this planet, Food, Clothes, and Shelter. According to the Constitution of India, Shelter is the most important thing to survive after Food and Clothes. The Housing Department of the West Bengal Government focuses on one of the basic needs of people. That is the Shelter. Know the detailed info on West Bengal Housing Board or WB Housing from here.west bengal housing board

This particular Department undertakes different activities related to the implementation and framing of varying housing schemes through the housing board of West Bengal and housing directorate. Two Directorates come under West Bengal Housing Department administrative control. They are the Directorate of Brick Production and the Directorate of Estate. These Directorates manage different Housing Estates that come under West Bengal Government. Also, they manage the production as well as quality bricks’ supply at an affordable rate.west bengal housing department

Different dwelling units’ construction comes under WB Housing Department. This Department successfully handled all these projects. The names of these schemes are “Amar Thikana” and “Gitanjali.”

Major decisions of West Bengal Housing Department – पश्चिम बंगाल आवास विभाग

  • Previously flat allotments used to happen according to the quota system. Now the Government has abolished this practice.
  • Till now the allotments were a cumbersome process for the Government employees as well as all the eligible persons. RHE or Rental Housing Estates is available for Government employees. On the other hand, the Public Rental Housing Estates are available for HIG, LIG, and MIG. But they had to run one desk to other after waiting for years to get their allotments. But now the process is straightforward and transparent. People get flats through a simple application. It’s a computerized procedure. The West Bengal Housing Board serves the flats to them who come first. Also, they put it on the official website, wbhousing.gov.in.

  • Till now there was one gate of 3’ width for the multi-storied buildings. Now the West Bengal Housing Board creates an exit of 6’ wide for emergency situations. So, if any problem arises like earth-quake, fire hazards, etc. they can combat it.
  • There is a committee of seven members who work under the Housing Department’s Chairmanship of Secretary. They review the tenders and also monitor purchasing and the payment of the Housing Directorate, and different technical works.
  • This department especially concentrates on those people who live in Jangal Mahal, forest areas, different affected areas Sundarbans and so on. They focus on OBC, SC, ST people too.

Apart from that, this department has done lots of excellent works and has been continuing doing the same for years. You can visit the official website, www.wbhousing.gov.in to know more about this department and their actions.

WB Housing Website: https://www.wbhousing.gov.in
Contact Number: 2262-4004/2262-4005
Fax Number: 2262-4091