AP Forest Department

About AP Forest Department

AP Forest Department is one of the AP State Government Departments which protects the forests areas and also conserves the development under the Ministry of Environmental Forests. Andhra Pradesh Forest Department has launched MHAP (Mission Haritha Andhra Pradesh) in the year 2016. In order to achieve the trees to cover over the area of 50% of the geographical area by the year 2029 under the “Vanam – Manam”

Andhra Pradesh Forest Department
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Andhra Pradesh Forest Department Activities

The following are the activities of the Andhra Pradesh Forest Department:

  • Neeru Chettu
  • Working Plans
  • Forest Protection
  • Land Management
  • Production
  • Wildlife
  • Research

The above activities of the Andhra Pradesh Forest Department can explain briefly in the following:

Neeru Chettu

Neeru Chettu contains the following Management:

  • Firstly, Nursery Management
  • Secondly, Harvesting Structure Management
  • Thirdly, Plantation Management
Neeru Chettu
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Working Plans

  • Firstly, Working Plans Preparation
  • Secondly, Working Plans implementing and monitoring

Forest Protection

  • Firstly, Forest Fires

Forest offenses under the following acts:

  • Firstly, the Indian Forest Act, 1927
  • Secondly, Wildlife Protection Act, 1972
Forest Department AP
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Land Management

Non-forestry diversion purposes for the following:

  • Firstly, Mining
  • Secondly, Irrigation
  • Hydroelectric Projects
  • Enroachments for Agriculture


The following are the productions of Andhra Pradesh Forest Department:

  • Fuel Wood
  • NTFP
  • Timber
  • Bamboo
Forest Department Andhra Pradesh
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The following are the wildlife details maintained by the Forest Department AP:

  • Protected Area Network
  • Eco Development
  • National Parks & Sanctuaries
  • Wild Life Conservation

The above are comes under AP State Biodiversity Board

AP State Biodiversity Board
Image Source: apbiodiversity.ap.nic.in


The following are the research area of the Forest Department Andhra Pradesh:

  • Forestry species seeds superior quality production
  • Clonal seeds orchards and Seedling
  • Techniques of tissue culture developing and implementing
  • The programmes of tress improvement
  • Seed production areas development


APFDGIS stands for “Andhra Pradesh Forest Department Geomatics Information System” eas established in the year 1994 is the management tool and planning for Natural resources.

Image Source: forests.ap.gov.in

  • AP Forest Department Website: http://www.forests.ap.gov.in
  • Andhra Pradesh Forest Department Head Office: Aranya Bhavan, K.M. Munshi Road, Nagarampalem, Guntur – 522 004
  • Forest Department AP Helpline Numbers: 0863-2377500, 599
  • Honorable Environment, Forests, Science and Technology of Andhra Pradesh Minister: Sri Sidda Raghava Rao