Role of Udupi King in Mahabharata Kurukshetra War

There are thousands of such stories in Mahabharat epic that can surprise you. Today we are telling you the unique story of King of Udupi prevailing in the southern states of India.what was the secret of the definitive estimate of the king of Udupi while cooking food for all warriors.

King who did not participate in the war of Mahabharata but played important role to win Pandavas

Know that the story was an important part of the King who did not participate in the war of Mahabharata. Many of these stories probably did not read and listened to you. The reason for this is that it is related to Tamil Nadu in the far south, instead of North India.

All of you know that Mahabharata a World War I of ancient times preceded by centuries, in which kings of countless countries participated.  common belief that only Krishna’s brother Balram, Brother of Dhritarashtra Vidur and Rukmini not included in this war, but there  state which related to war but not participated in the war. It was State of the south Udupi

Shocked by the tactics of the Kauravas & Pandavas

After the invitation to join the war, the Udupi king came to Kurukshetra with his army, but he surprised by the tactics of Kauravas and Pandavas and his efforts to join him. They were not even the warriors of this war, but they also knew that avoiding it and avoiding war is not possible.

That is why he asked Krishna that he is not as helpless as the rest of the people but he can not live apart from this. They can not even understand how the arrangement of food for such a huge army from both sides will be done. On this, Krishna said that he thought absolutely right, now he should tell whether there is any remedy in his vision.

Then Udupi King said that his wish is that he would manage the food of both the forces with his whole army. On this, Krishna permitted him to manage the food of nearly five million warriors.

King Udupi Done efficient management

Udupi King arranged food with great skill in such a way that at the end of the day, a single grain not wasted. As the number of warriors passed in the days, the food reduced that like the first day & all were surprised.

The King of Udupi used to cook food for as many people as he was actually present. No one could understand how he knows how many warriors kill and how much food arranged accordingly.

Managing such a huge army food was a wonderful and difficult task in itself without wasting food. The ruler of the Udupi showed the same thing continued till the end of the war.

Pratap of Krishna

In the end, with the victory of the Pandavas, when the war ended, Yudhishthira told the Udupi king on the day of his coronation, that all the people are praising the Pandavas that despite the fight against the Bhishma pitamaha, Guru Drona and Karna with the lower army He showed amazing skills, and won.

While they feel that the most deserving admirers is the Udupi king who not only provided food for such a huge army, but also provided a grain of food not worthless.

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After all, what is the secret of this skill?

On this, the Udupi king said, who will give credit to Yudhishtir for his victory, then Yudhishtir said that the glory of Shri Krishna, then the Kaurava army could not defeated. Then the King of Udupi said that this too is the only glory of Shri Krishna. All the people surprised to hear.

What was the secret?

Then the King of Udupi clarified this secret and said that he used to give counted peanuts to Shrikrishna to eat in the night. Udupi King estimates the food to cook for the next day based on the leftover peanuts count in multiple of Thousands. i.e if 5 peanuts left then he can expect 5000 soldiers will be killed in battle.

That means if they used 50 peanuts, it would mean that 50000 warriors will be killed in the battle for the second day. Just the Udupi King used to cook the next meal in the same proportion. Thus, food never wasted at any time.

Knowing this miracle of Shri Krishna, all amazed. This story often heard in Krishna Mott of Udupi district of Karnataka. It believed that this monastery established by the Emperor of Udupi.

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