Want to know Shri Krishna’s relationship with the Duryodhana

Mahabharata’s story related relationship of Shri Krishna with Duryodhana

Everyone knows about Shri Krishna and Arjun’s friendship, but do you know that he had a deep relationship with the Duryodhana which he did not like at all.

What was that relationship?

Krishna & Duryodhana were Samdhi(in hindi) – Father-in-law समधी थे कृष्ण आैर दुर्योधन 

The Mahabharata is a rare treatise of much interesting mythology. In one such story, it is revealed that despite being disliked, Lord Shri Krishna was tied with a strong bond of relationship with Kaurav Duryodhana. Indeed, Duryodhana and Shri Krishna were the Samdhi of each other. Lord Krishna & Jambwati’s son Samb was married to Lakshmana daughter of Duryodhana. However, Krishna was not consensus in this marriage.

Love marriage -Sambh & Lakshmana

According to legend, princess Lakshmana(राजकुमारी लक्ष्मणा) and Sambh(साम्ब) loved each other. This relation was neither acceptable to Duryodhana and neither Krishna. Duryodhana organized swayamwar to for her daughter Lakshmana but as she loved Sambh & he knows that it will be impossible to marry her in swayamwara which will not be accepted by their parents. So Sambh took Lakshmana with him & married. When the Kauravas came to know about the marriage, they found Samba & captured him in captivity at Hastinapur. After consulting the Yadavas, Krishna decided to attack Hastinapur. On this, his elder brother Balram stopped him and said that he taught Duryodhana the muddy operation; in this way he is his disciple. He will go to Hastinapur himself and because of being a guru of Duryodhana, he will get rid of the war.


Lessons taught to Duryodhana

When Balram reached Hastinapur, his faith turned out wrong and the Kauravas insulted him in front of Duryodhana. On this, he decided to break the ego of the Kurus and teach them a lesson. Balram has ooverthrownHastinapur all over with his plough weapon and started taking him to flow to Ganga river. On this, Duryodhana & his brothers got in front of Balram and apologized. After this, they accepted the marriage of Sambh and Lakshmana and they considered them as a couple. Then released Sambh from captivity and send them with respect to Balram. In such a way, Duryodhana and Shrikrishna were Samdhi by relation.