UBD Telangana – Unified Birth and Death Registration Telangana

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About UBD Telangana

UBD Telangana stands for “ Unified Birth and Death Registration Telangana ” is a civil registration system. The AP State government of Information Technology and Communications Department (AP IT&C) has initiated Civil Registration System–Unified Births & Death Registration as a flagship project for civil registrations computerization for ULB’s (Urban Local Bodies) and RLB’s (Rural Local Bodies). In order to enable the top and middle management for monitoring and follow up the below features the Management Information System of UBD of Telangana has launched UBDMIS Telangana (Unified Birth and Death Management Information System Telangana)

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Unified Birth and Death Registration Telangana Features

Civil registration system birth and death has done under the act of registration of birth & death, 1969. After the formation of Telangana State, the departments are separated for both the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana but consists of the same features. The following are the features of Unified Birth and Death Registration Telangana:

Image Source: ubd.telangana.gov.in
  • Firstly, The births & death registrations should be done under the act of registration of birth & death, 1969
  • The important event registration must do at the event occurrence place
  • Providing the birth registration to the infant will accept but later the name should enter before the age of 15 years of the child.
  • If there are any mistakes they can correct or cancel the entries
  • For events, non-reporting or nor registration the penalties will issue
  • If the registration has done within 21 days of birth and death then the free certificate will give
  • If the event has reported after 21 days and within 30 days then there a nominal late fee
  • The person should pay the higher fee and also affidavit if the events reported after 30 days within 01 years registered

Important Details of UBD of Telangana

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