AP Finance Department – ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ ప్రభుత్వం ఆర్థిక శాఖ

About AP Finance Department

The control of expenditure and the state budget is handled by the AP Finance Department (ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ ప్రభుత్వం ఆర్థిక శాఖ). Managing os state finances is the main of AP Finance Portal. The state finances deployment and providing the maintenance of the accounts of all transactions of finance is the responsibility of Finance Department of AP.

AP Finance Portal Responsibilities
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AP Finance Portal Responsibilities

The following are the responsibilities of Andhra Pradesh Finance Department:

  • In order to set the goal and plan
  • Through budgeting in order to regulate the funds flow to different AP State government departments
  • In order to monitor the utilization of funds
  • In order to recruit or hire the personnel release funds to different government departments of AP State based on the requirements and provisions of the budget
AP State Government Departments
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APFinance Vision and Mission

The following are the vision and mission of Andhra Pradesh Finance Department:

Finance Department AP Vision

In order to facilitate the development and inclusive growth for Andhra Pradesh through financial management of progressive and prudent

APFinance Vision and Mission
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Finance Department AP Mission

The following are the missions of Andhra Pradesh Finance Department:

  • In order to improve the management system of finance regularly
  • In order to set a benchmark in fiscal management, financial discipline and many more
  • To provide responsive and citizen-oriented systems in order to serve the people
  • In order to develop the transparent and efficient system for enabling of transactions of finance of various government bodies by using the intervention technologies

Finance Department of AP Administration Departments

The following the AP State government departments administering by the Finance department of Andhra Pradesh:

  • AP State Audit Department
  • Directorate of Treasuries and Accounts
  • Director of Insurance
AP Budget
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AP Budget

AP Budget is also known as “Annual Financial Statement”. Every government needs accurate estimation and advance planning for the successful management of finance. So under article 202 of the Indian Constitution before the legislature, the state expenditure and estimated receipts statement for each financial year have to be laid.

constitution of india


APCFMS stands for Andhra Pradesh Comprehensive Financial Management System is an application of enterprise level has been designed and developed by the APCFSS (Andhra Pradesh Centre for Financial Systems and Services)

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Andhra Pradesh Finance Department PRC

PRC stands for Pay Revision Commission is the submission of reports to the AP Government within 01 years from the charge assumption date by the Pay revision commissioner. On 19th May of 2018 had issued the order constituting the 11th PRC for the government employees of Andhra Pradesh State.

  • AP Finance Department Website: https://www.apfinance.gov.in
  • AP Finance Portal Support Mail: info@apfinance.gov.in
  • Honorable AP State Finance Minister: Sri Yanamala Rama Krishnudu