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Bar Council of India

The Bar Council of India is basically a statutory body created in the year 1961 according to the Advocates Act 1961 Section 4. The Bar Council of India is accountable for regulating the legal education and also legal practice in India. The members of the body are Indian lawyers who are eligible for this position. It prescribes a code of professional conduct, exercises disciplinary activities and also etiquettes over the Bar. The body is also responsible for determining the standards for grants recognition and legal education to Universities who provide degrees to aspiring lawyers so that they can enroll themselves as future lawyers after becoming a graduate. The abbreviated form of the Bar Council of India is BCI.bar council of india

The headquarters of the Bar Council of India is in New Delhi, the national capital territory of India. The Bar Council of India has introduced its own official website which is barcouncilofindia.org. All information about the Bar Council of India is available on this website. Visit the official website to know all about the Bar Council of India rules as well as regulations.

Bar Council’s of India

Here, is the list of the Bar Council of India branches. Get BarCouncil Info, Advocates list, AIBE Exams, and also more.

  1. Bar Council of Delhi
  2. Bar Council of Rajasthan
  3. State Bar Council MP
  4. The Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa
  5. State Bar Council of Puducherry
  6. The Karnataka State Bar Council
  7. The State Bar Council of Telangana
  8. State Bar Council of AP
  9. The Bar Council of Kerala
  10. The State Bar Council of Jharkhand
  11. State Bar Council of Gujarat
  12. The State Bar Council of Odisha
  13. The State Bar Council of West Bengal
  14. Bar Council of Uttarakhand
  15. The Bar Council of Arunachal Pradesh
  16. State Bar Council of Uttar Pradesh
  17. The Bar Council of Jammu & Kashmir
  18. State Bar Council of Sikkim
  19. Bar Council of Tamil Nadu
  20. State Bar Council of Chhattisgarh
  21. The Bar Council of Himachal Pradesh
  22. The State Bar Council of Bihar
  23. Bar Council of Haryana
  24. The Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana
  25. The State Bar Council of Assam
  26. State Bar Council of Goa
  27. The State Bar Council of Nagaland

Constitution of the Bar Council of India advocates act

According to the Advocates Act, members of the Bar Council of India come from the Bar Councils of each state along with the Solicitor General of India and the Attorney General of India who is its ex officio members. The period for which a candidate remains a member of the Bar Council of India is 5 years. Both the Vice-Chairman as well as the Chairman’s term are of 2 years.

Functions of the BCI

Advocate Act 1961 Section 7 clearly states the Bar Council of India Rules and also Functions. They are:bar council of india rules

  • Determining the standards of etiquette and also professional conduct for advocates
  • Safeguarding the privileges, interests, as well as rights of advocates
  • Promoting legal education as well as laying down legal education’s standards
  • Laying down a procedure that the disciplinary committees should follow
  • Determining universities whose law degrees are valid for the enrolment of a candidate as an advocate


  • Promoting as well as supporting law reform
  • Organizing and also providing legal aid to the people who cannot afford it
  • Dealing with and disposing of any issue that any State Bar Council refers to it
  • Conducting seminars as well as workshops on legal topics. They renew jurists and publish papers and also journals of legal interest
  • Conducting the election of members of the Bar Council of India for running of the Council efficiently
  • Investing and managing funds of India’s Bar Council
  • Organizing as well as providing legal aid to people belonging to the scheduled castes

Bar Council of India’s Committees

The Bar Council of India has several committees that perform the task of making recommendations to the Bar Council. The Council elects its members as members of the individual committees. The committees are:barcouncilofindia

  • Executive Committee
  • Advocate Welfare Committee
  • Legal Education Committee
  • Rules Committee
  • Legal Aid Committee
  • Disciplinary Committee
  • Building Committee

Directorate of Legal Education of BarCouncilofIndiabar council of india exam question paper

The Bar Council of India has created a Directorate of Legal Education with the intention of organizing, holding, running, administering, and also conducting teachers training, workshops, as well as seminars, legal research, etc. It also leads education programs for those Indian students who seek registration after getting their Law Degree from any Foreign University.

All India Bar Council of India Exam – AIBE

In the year 2010, on 10th April, the Bar Council of India Exam decided to examine testing the ability of an advocate for practicing law. This examination is the All India Bar Examination. An advocate needs to pass this particular examination for practicing law. The study takes place twice in a year and also tests graduate advocates on the procedural as well as substantive law. An advocate may appear for the Bar Council of India exam as many times as he wants to. After passing the examination, she/ he gets a Certificate for practicing law. This certificate is valid all over India. Get the Bar Council of India Question paper from the official website of AIBE.

all india bar examination

Visit the official website to download Bar Council of India exam question paper of the previous year to be aware of the pattern of the question paper. The Bar Council of India publishes the syllabus for the upcoming All India Bar Examination 3 months before the date of examination.

Important Information:

Bar Council of India Website: http://www.barcouncilofindia.org/
Bar Council of India Contact Number: 011-49225000
BCI Fax Number: 011-49225011
All India Bar Examination Helpline Number: 011-49225022 – Eng / 011-49225023 – Hindi
Email Id: info@barcouncilofindia.org
Address Info:
Bar Council of India,
21, Rouse Avenue Institutional Area,
Bal Bhawan,
New Delhi – 110002,

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