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MP State Bar Council

The state Madhya Pradesh came into existence individually in the year 1956 in India. After the formation of the new state, the high court of the state came into existence too. The High Court of MP is in Jabalpur. They found the state bar council of MP after the establishment of the High Court. The council started its function with a nominal amount. They start at just Rs. 20000. The Bar Council of India Act controls the functions of this council. The selection of members of this council also comes under this act. The newly formed SBCOFMP held its first meeting in 1962. Late R.S Dabir was the first chairman of this council.state bar council of mp

Different welfares started taking place under the first few chairmen of this MP bar council. The construction of the new building came and started under the leadership of Shri R.K Pandey. He was the third chairman of this council. He also introduced many welfare schemes for the advocates and legal aid schemes and different other schemes which helped the advocates financially. Later on, the council changed its managing committee several times for the betterment and introduced various welfare council enrollment list

Some of them include AdhivaktaKalyanYojna 1982, Advocate Welfare scheme 1989, AdhivaktaKalyanYojna 1989, ParivarKalyanYojna, a scheme for Library development of the bar association of MP and also Scheme for granting financial assistance to indigent practicing advocates when suffering from serious ailments. The Trustee Committee prepares all the schemes along with the consultation with the state bar council MP.

Functions of the State Bar Council of MP

The State Bar Council performs many tasks for the welfare of the advocates. Some of the services of this council are as follows:sbcofmp

  • Preparing and maintaining roll
  • Giving a proper safeguard of the rights, interests, and privileges of advocates
  • Promoting the actual growth of the Bar associations for the perfect implementation of the different welfare schemes
  • Giving strong support to the law reform
  • Conducting different seminar on legal topics. The jurists conduct them for the awareness of the common people
  • Performing a proper election for the selection of the members
  • Giving the financial support to the needy advocates
  • They did the foundation of several law libraries

This State Bar Council of MP is performing its functions very well. It is very much concerned about the welfare of the advocates. This council is gaining its popularity rapidly because of its excellent services.

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