The State Bar Council of Jharkhand

Jharkhand Bar Council

According to the 1961 Advocates Act, all states in India shall have their individual Bar Councils besides the Bar Council of India or BCI. Jharkhand did not have a Bar Council previously. The reason is the Jharkhand used to be a part of the State of Bihar. So, the Jharkhand Bar Council was actually a part of the State Bar Council of Bihar. After Jharkhand got the identity of a separate state, it got its own bar council. Read the complete article to know more about the Bar Council of Jharkhand Result from Jharkhand State Bar Council website.jharkhand bar council

After the reorganization of Bihar took place, a new state came into existence, namely, Jharkhand, as per the provisions mentioned in Section 3 of the Bihar Reorganization Act of 2000. The word Jharkhand has made its place in the Advocates Act’s Section 3 (1). After that, the provision came with the intention of establishing a different Bar Council for the state of Jharkhand named as the State Bar Council of Jharkhand.

State Bar Council of Jharkhandstate bar council of jharkhand

The central office of the Jharkhand State Bar Council is at Ranchi’s Doranda. You can find its offices in the Jharkhand High Court premises. The Bar Council of Jharkhand is basically an autonomous body which maintains the provisions of the Advocates Act of 1961. The number of elected members of the Bar Council of Jharkhand is 25, just like all other Bar Councils in India.jharkhand state bar council

The process of election of the members of the Jharkhand State Bar Council is quite complex. The electorate consists of all the enrolled lawyers in Jharkhand. Once they cast their votes, it is time to count them. In the counting process, preferential voting leads to elimination. 25 members having the highest number of votes win the battle for membership and stay as members of the Jharkhand State Bar Council for 5 years after counting all the council of jharkhand advocate list

The Bar Council of Jharkhand has its own official website. Click here to Visit http://jharkhandstatebarcouncil.orgwp, the Bar Council of Jharkhand Advocate list along with Bar Council of Jharkhand Result. Here you can also learn about the latest welfare schemes of the Jharkhand State Bar Council.

Jharkhand State Bar Council Website:
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State Bar Council of Jharkhand,
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