The Bar Council of Kerala

Kerala Bar Council

The Bar Council of Kerala is basically a professional organization for lawyers in the State of Kerala, just like the Bar Councils of the other States in India. It offers services, represent the Kerala Bar Council and provide guidance on the matters of professional practice. The Bar Council maintains all the provisions mentioned in the 1961 Advocates Act. Get to know Bar Council Enrollment list and Bar Council Registration Fees details of Kerala from here.

It has 25 members in total who remain in office for a time span of 5 years. It works under the Bar Council of India. After the completion of 5 years, the election takes place once again to elect new members. bar council of kerala next enrolment date

The official website of the State Bar Council of Kerala

The Bar Council of Kerala has its own official website. They created this website with the aim of serving a wide range of audience. If you are an advocate in Kerala or if you are looking for a good lawyer to fight your legal battles on your behalf. You have come to the right place. For those who seek guidance to become a lawyer in future, all the necessary information is available at this website.kerala bar council

If you want a Certificate of Practice in Kerala, visit to know about the Bar Council Enrollment List and Bar Council Registration fees or the Bar Council of Kerala next enrolment date in the state of Kerala. Without passing the Bar Council exam, a law graduate cannot practice law in council registration fees

The primary purpose of the official website is the promotion as well as maintenance of excellence. When it comes to providing legal services to the citizens of the state to maintain law and order in the state. The Bar Council of Kerala aims to set specific standards for those who wish to choose this profession of lawyer. They want to make sure that the professional practice remains the priority for them. They have to serve the inhabitants of the state first because they are the priority.

If you want to get any time of information about the Bar Council of Kerala and its activities, latest improvements, you can get all of that at its official website. If you want, you can even leave your feedback there.

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