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Eenadu ePaper PDF

Eenadu is a Telugu newspaper. It is circulated in the largest numbers. People lacking time find Eenadu ePaper online and get the news. There is the option in the Google Search Box Eenadu ePaper pdf Download. Selecting this Telugu newspaper edition online allows you to view on your go on any device, be it your Smartphone or Tablet. Get more about the Eenadu ePaper Download from here.eenadu epaper

The Eenadu ePaper is more popular in the Telugu States on India. To read Todays Eenadu ePaper pdf download allows selecting the paper that you wish to view. There is an option available on the left corner top to view the ePaper pdf in full. You may download the page. Eenadu newspaper is in the AP State that is in the State of Telangana of India. Right now, Eenadu is in the sixth position among the language dailies offering a huge total readership. You can read the Telangana Eeandu ePaper from here.

Established history

Eenadu paper founded in 1974 by Ramoji Rao, the Indian media baron. The rapid expansion of Eenadu enables expansion such that its portfolio can be diversified by venturing into markets such as chit funds and finance. A few names include Margadarshi chits, foods such as Priya Foods, Usha Kiran Films, the film production, Mayuri Films, film distribution, and ETV, a television channels group. All these businesses handled by Ramoji Rao.eenadu epaper pdf

Eenadu is an Indian Telugu-language newspaper daily that circulated in the State of Andhra Pradesh and also in the State of Telangana. As per the survey of Indian Readership, Eenadu ranks among the dailies of the Indian language in the sixth place offering an excellent readership. Eenadu ePaper download also receives the best response.

There are Eenadu various editions existing throughout the regions that speak Telugu and this includes the State of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, besides the cities such as Bengaluru, Chennai, New Delhi, and Mumbai.

In the beginning

The Eenadu circulation, at the beginning very limited. As they launched in Visakhapatnam city, it just sold a week 3000 copies. It began to struggle to become one of the ranked daily publication with others doing explicitly. However, it gained popularity in regions and they had to face stifling rivalry. Eenadu also hired new directors to take the key decision and thus Eenadu became the newspaper highly circulated.eenadu epaper download

Later in 1975, Eenadu started with 4000 copies and expanded in 1975 to Hyderabad. During the 1980s Eenadu caught up with technology to spread in the main cities and thus got an enormous response. By the end of the 1980s, the tabloid edition came into existence.  Slowly, the Eenadu ePaper pdf download found to generate heavy local content. The local news also came in a local daily separately.

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