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About State Bar Council of Odisha

The date of enactment of the 1961 Advocates Act is 19th May 1961. It came into existence with the aim of amending and also consolidating the law for legal practitioners in India. It also aims to establish the Bar Council of India as well as separate State Bar Councils for the different states of India.


As a consequence of that, several State Bar Councils came into existence in different states of India and the Odisha Bar Council is one of them. It is a statutory body and its year of establishment is 1961. The total number of members of this autonomous body is 26, including the Ex-Officio Member who is basically the Advocate General.

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How does the election of members for the Odisha Bar Council take place?

The process of the electing the members for the Bar Council of Odisha is through the voting system. All advocates in the state of Odisha who have their names on the electoral roll get to vote. After the election is over, the constitution of the Council takes place. 25 members with the highest number of votes get the opportunity of being the Bar Council members for 5 years. There is also an Advocate General who functions as the Ex Officio Member. After that, the elected members elect one Vice Chairman, one Chairman and also a Member- representative amongst themselves. This is how the election of members for the State Bar Council of Odisha takes place.

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Term of office

The Term of the Office of advocate members of the Odisha Bar Council is of 5 years, counted from the date on which the election results come. The Vice Chairman and the Chairman, on the other hand, remain in office for 2 years only.

Odisha Bar Council
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The official website of the Bar Council of Odisha

Visit the official website of the State Bar Council of Odisha which is www.odishabarcouncil.org to get detailed information about the Odisha High Court Bar Association. If you want to download the Bar Council of India Verification Form, you can do it from this official website.

  • Firstly, State Bar Council of Odisha Website: http://www.odishabarcouncil.org
  • Secondly, Odisha Bar Council Head Office: Near High Court of Odisha, Chandini Chowk, Cuttack Odisha, India. Pin – 753 002
  • Thirdly, State Bar Council of Odisha Helpline Numbers: 0671-2508453, 2508622, 2508422
  • Odisha Bar Council Support Mail: orissastatebarcouncil@gmail.com
  • Lastly, Honorable Odisha Law Minister: Sri Pratap Jena