The Bar Council of Jammu & Kashmir

Bar council of Jammu & Kashmir

The State Bar Council of J&K Exam is basically a statutory assembly of the state’s lawyers for safeguarding the interests, rights, and privileges of the advocates practising law in Jammu and Kashmir. Get to know about Bar Council of Jammu and Kashmir or J&K Bar Council Services.bar council of jammu and kashmir

The J & K High Court Bar Association is the state’s representative body of advocates. IT works under the Bar Council of IndiaThe members of this body came from different parts of the state. They are basically the advocates who practice law in any region of Jammu and Kashmir. The Bar Association always remains ready for fighting for the state’s people’s legal rights. The aim of the members of the Bar Council of Jammu & Kashmir is to establish a fair, impartial, independent and fair judiciary in Jammu and Kashmir.

Human Rights Desk Bar Council of Jammu and Kashmir

state bar council of j&K
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The Bar Association has established a Human Rights Desk to take care of the issues in Jammu and Kashmir. The main intention of the Bar Association behind the creation of the Human Rights Desk was to focus its attention on handling the cases of violations of human rights in a serious manner. This is necessary for the Bar Association to prepare quick responses and proper action plans. The Bar Council of Jammu & Kashmir created ‘Human Rights Desk’ because of this reason.

The official website of the State Bar Council of J&K

The State Bar Council of Jammu & Kashmir has recently introduced its own official website for the convenience of advocates. The citizens living in Jammu and Kashmir also, the web portal is useful. All information about the J&K Bar Council is available on this website. Visit Bar Council of Jammu and Kashmir  Website to read the latest news related Bar Council.j&K bar council

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Bar Council of Jammu & Kashmir Website: http://www.jkbarassociation.com